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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRaichel
SummaryA five hundred foot tall thunder goddess. While retaining a little chubbiness from a standard Raichu's looks, she pulls it off well with great curves to boot.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark brown and black stripy thunderbolt patterns down her legs and arms, merging into a darker brown to cover the rest of her torso and head, besides a lighter brown-furred belly. Two small yellow furred circles on her cheeks.
Hair ColourLong light blonde hair, thick and free-flowing all the way down to her thighs.
Eye ColourDeep blue.
ClothingNone, she's naturally huge and therefore there's not enough material to provide her with clothing. At least any that holds together well.
WeaponryHer cheeks, claws and general presence can be a massive threat to anything she decides she doesn't like.
Special AbilitiesFew aside from standard Raichu abilities and a powerful telekinetic ability. She is however much stronger than an equivalent Raichu.
Outstanding FeaturesThe patterns across her arms and legs form a glowing outline when she uses abilities, and can also increase her fighting capabilities. She is mildly static to the touch, making normal-sized fur stand on end. This doesn't affect herself, her fur way too thick for static to have any effect.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySweet, gentle and loving, she will never harm someone unless they deserve it, ask her for it, or she simply isn't aware she is harming them. Unfortunately, her size makes staying aware of the threat she poses to nearly everyone awkward at times, especially if she decides to walk through a forest. Even in cities she has accidentally crushed people, vehicles and even knocked down buildings by her occassional carelessness.
LikesMaking friends and hanging out with other macros, sex. She also has a few darker pleasures regarding tinies, but rarely acts them out without consent from any micro who may be into that kind of thing. She also gets a perverted glee from allowing an entire neighbourhood to climb on her body and swarm through her fur.
DislikesFighting, needless destruction of micro territory.
LocationY'here that rumbling? No, it's not an earthquake... Raichel's just coming to say hello to you and your entire town :3
OccupationFreelance demolitionist and suicide assistant.

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