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er.. not really accurate rendering by me but still something ^_^;

Vital Statistics!

Character NamePassy Lion (AKA passLion)
SpeciesAnthro Mixed-Lion (1/2 African 1/4 Asian 1/4 Cape)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourA Orangy/yellow color and a light yellowish/tan on the tummy-side, black tuft
Hair Colourmildly think but really soft black mane, splitted in the middle and flows graciously to every head movements
Eye Colourrather large and child-like Dark brown eyes that seems to sparkle with hope behind a stylish dark blue framed glasses.
ClothingUsually a short sleeved T-shirt or bare chested ;), and long loose kahki pants and sometimes jeans, most of the time it's just a deep blue running short.. underwear: briefs ^_^;
Accessoriessilver necklace with a round metal plaque with a rainbow paw on it, with "passLion + Keogi Naga" etched on the back. And one of the rainbow armbands that matches with his mate.
WeaponryEr... I'll just borrow something from my mate. If not, I got a big Mallet like Amy/Cream has.
Outstanding Featureslittle bigger than average liony muzzle and paws :D as he can nose and stroke his mate to heaven!

Personality & Background

PersonalityOptimistic and always forget the bad things that happens in my life but might change how I act due to the bad things and dunno why 'cause I forgot them, passionate, really loving and caring to others and likes being out of the box and spontanious, always looking for fun to make life worthwhile.
BackgroundOnce a prince of a land in Sothern Africa, escaped to find his true love and to enjoy life because he doesn't want to have the responsibility of a king and don't want to breed the next king since he is gay. With the excitement for innovative things and th etechnology outside his kingdom, he traveled to Acropolis. Shortly after arriving, he was robbed and assulted by one of the cities more notorious thief. Luckily enough, he was rescued by an anthro snake by the name of Keogi Naga, their hearts raced as the injured Passy was being held in the arms of his hero. They both fell in love and Passy decided to run away with Keogi to the US using the money he got from selling his kingdom's goods that he snuck with him and almost got stolen away.
LikesKEOGI NAGA! Snuggling, fantasy/comedy, Crepes, Mint chocolate chip ice-cream, Sonic, DDR, Bobo-bo Bo-bobobo, The art of Hajike, really really good dreams, voice acting
DislikesControl freaks, the uptight lameness of his parents, conceided people, show-offs who are not grateful, spicy food, aaaaand... sluts (female)
Location(RL: Currently in Sunnyvale, CA, miles and miles away from his love.) Living with his mate in a medium sized apartment in LA.
OccupationFudge packer... JK XP High acclaimed voice actor for video games and cartoons, currently working on a Sly Cooper spin-off featuring a feline. (I wish -_-)

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