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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDamon
SpeciesShapeshifter, though it's possible he's just a water sprite
AgeAn age
Height4 inches
WeightAround a pound
SummaryHe is timid and usually scared of new people, though that does not mean he doesn't want to meet them. However, that does not mean he won't stand up for himself if he has to, though he would rather not. He has a twin named Raemon and is the yin of the relationship.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHe looks nearly exactly like Rae, though there are the minor differences, like a softer shade of grey, and a more lithe body, better for acrobatics than fighting.
Hair ColourNo real hair, only fur. However, there is a steak of white fur starting from his forehead and runs to his tail
Eye ColourA deep blue, rather like the ocean deep
ClothingHe wears more loose clothing, but still things like jeans and t-shirts. Also, they're all made of natural resources, like pure cotton or linen.
Special AbilitiesHe can shapeshift, and has a rather good grasp on magic and how it works
Outstanding FeaturesHe could be called a genius, if he applied himself in math or science. As it is, he applies it to magic, and is slowly working his way to mastery

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe's shy and timid, rather scared of anyone larger than he is at first, though he does try to get to know you the best he can
BackgroundTheir dad obviously wasn't normal. He was a shapeshifter mimicing a fire sprite mimicking a husky (don't ask). They lived out in nature, like the open plains, or the forest. At one point, they were caught, and their mother was killed when they were still pups. Damon was taken, because their mother only had a few moments and hid Rae first. It torn her apart, but he was the closest. Damon was taken and kept as an oddity, and eventually was broken, though he eventually escaped, with something leading him back to his twin, Rae. Afterwards, he began to recuperate with his brother and his adoptive father, and began his studies in the arcane with a passion, though no one has begun to fathom as to why.
LikesReading, thinking, meditating, meeting new people whether he believes it or not at the times, and creating his own spells
DislikesBeing scared, larger people unless he knows them well enough, cruel people, backfiring spells
LocationWhere ever his twin is, usually