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Vital Statistics!

Character NameBlugwig
AgeForgotten (guesses 30)
SummaryA brutish and pudgy pig-like creature who enjoys wandering across lands to sample the food, sights and locals of many a place.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMost of his hide is coloured a weathered teal, and his underbelly a pale maize.
Hair ColourPink
Eye ColourOrange
ClothingA loincloth formed like a thong, held up by a belt with coloured stips of cloth hanging from it.
AccessoriesSturdy leather belts wrapped around his chest that appear to contain many trinkets.
WeaponryA simple dagger concealed in one of his belts.
Special AbilitiesAcrobatic ability that betrays his size, and a natural resilience to cold.
Outstanding FeaturesHe sports near-ebony claws and three-toed hooves, long, floppy ears, a short whip-like tail and a compact growth of hair tied in a horn shape on the top of his otherwise bare skull.

Personality & Background

PersonalityBlugwig is brash, brimming with curiosity and overly comfortable in his own skin. He considers himself too simple to make a convincing liar or swindler, and so instead tends to express himself genuinely and frankly whatever the situation.
BackgroundHaving lived under the care of tight-knit brothel workers until full maturity, he and his sister were urged by their mother to find a life outside of the walls they knew. The seeq thus wandered, and wandered far. So far, eventually he could no longer retrace his steps. Surviving on the loose change of others, he continues his love of adventure to this day. The seeq hopes to one day find his way home to share his tales.
OccupationTraveller, pickpocket and street merchant

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