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Vital Statistics!

Character NameErijah
SpeciesRaichu (anthro/feral)
WeightLosing some!
SummaryA Pichu who with the help of a powerful friend evolved into a Raichu. (See Background for more details). He is a defender of the weak, and a comforter to those in need, willing and able to help people where they are. He is able to grow and shrink by a special manipulation of electricity at the atomic level. He's not very good at it yet, but he's working on double his own height!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAs a result of the weird transformation...he still retains (for reasons unknown) the pichu mane. He has digitigrade paws, even as an anthropomorph.
Hair ColourHis fur is golden brown.
Eye ColourBlue like the bright sky.
ClothingWell, it changes everyday...but if it's warm, he'll go with a red shirt that has a happy face and says "Whatever." or maybe a tye-dye shirt, maybe even a white shirt if it's hot. if it's cold, he'll wear his grey hoodie that says Πιστεύω on it. if it's bedtime? He'll probably be in pajama's with fire symbols all over them.
AccessoriesAn atomic clock watch.
WeaponryA Quadruple barrel semi-automatic Shotgun made of energy he can materialize with almost no concentration. It fires energy blasts of a high caliber.
Special AbilitiesGenerally most of his powers come from Bizare manipulation of Electricity. They include Shrinking and Growth, Clairvoyance, Making Weapons appear in his hands, and a few other things he hasn't quite figured out yet he was given! He's always trying new types of Electric manipulation.
Outstanding FeaturesA pichu mane ;p

Personality & Background

PersonalityIntelligent, brave, easygoing and fun-loving. He loves to help people and love them for who they are; no matter what they are.
BackgroundA Pichu who gained many levels and would not evolve, as was the custom; to Pikachu. He waited so long that he soon discovered he no longer could! One day, an anthro pokemon friend came along and told him he had a way he could evolve, as he had the ability to lend people his strange and mysterious powers. When it was nearly time for Erijah to level, and evolve, his friend handed him a thunderstone for luck. The pichu, expecting to soon become a pichu, was quite surprised when the thunderstone activated and he evolved straight to Raichu! He also found he was anthropomorphic, but with concentration of moving the small amount of powers given him, he could turn into a feral (non-humanoid) Raichu. He still has yet to discover all the powers given him.
LikesHelping other people Cuddling <3 (Just cuddling :P) Sparring Science (fiction) and new applications of it. Musics of various types. A Chorale will always soothe his soul.
DislikesHurting other people in any way shape or form. People that hurt other (real) people.
LocationThe Raichu's whereabouts are probably the Kanto Region.
OccupationNew Recruit fresh out of the multi-dimensional society. He's rearing to protect the peace and help anyone in need.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty"