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Vital Statistics!

Character NameVicaroth
Height3 1/6"
Weight17 Grams
SummaryA spunky tiny mouse with a fighting attitude. Even though he enjoys secretly to be controlled and dominated by those of a larger size, his tiny pride seems to stick out. Having quite a thing of the lower exterminates of those towering above him, it would not be uncommon to see the little rodent staring or pawing at your feet/paws. This leads to make things that happen to the tiny creature. His misfortune is quite high as one would expected. From being tortured by his superiors to being our right smushed, this little guy has seen it all. Lucky there is magic in the air and those that pity the poor little squirt may give in to resurrect the puny vermin or save him again for the next time he will meet his untimely end. Wielding A sword from time to time, He will strike those that wish him ill. He also has a great hate for those of snakes and naga.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBrown fur, It is mostly kept clean.
Hair ColourBrown.
Eye ColourBlack, allows him to have dark vision.
ClothingTiny yellow and red patched cape that is sown together. Sometimes it can be different color of cloth. Anything the speck can manage to scavenge.
AccessoriesThe only thing he has of worth is a chip off an old green emerald. The gem doesn't look like anything of worth but it entrances him when looking through it. In reality, it is part of a magical true seeing gem, letting him see through illusions and magical concealment.
WeaponryA tiny 1 1/2" short sword, He found during a great fight. The hilt has K.M. scratched deeply into the steel.
Special AbilitiesNothing special about this mouse however there are good traits about him. His nose is very sensitive to smell, this helps with tracing and movement as his vision isn't the best in lit places. A very good gatherer, He scavenges a lot helping him with his survival in his tiny world. Well trained in arms, Allows him to fight well against those of his size but fails when against those much larger.

Personality & Background

PersonalityFighty, curious, proud, alert.
BackgroundBorn in a litter of 14 he was the weakest. Through his life all his brothers and sisters grew big but he was always the tiny one. Abuse, yes he was use to it. Always the last to play with the others, the last on the spoils. Shamed by the feeling of belittlement he ran away. Ventured into the great beyond in search of answers. However, the wall outside of the barn was nothing like he even imagination. Never in his life did he ever feel so alone, the vastness all but engulfed him. It was at the moment when he turned back to walk back to the pack that danger the answer he was seeking found him. A massive snake, slithering it's tongue found the poor little young creature. Defenseless, Vic screamed and ran. The snake toyed with him over and over again, nipping it's huge teeth into the soft flesh of the mouse. Blood dripped from his wounds, it was when all hope was lost, when the mouth of the slimy creature opened wide a chance arose. Looking to his side, his was able to pick out an object. It shined into his eyes as the sun reflected the blinding light towards him. Taking a last ditch effort he leap toward it, gripping the soft leathery hilt in his little claws just as the collisional mouth lunged forward. Vic closed his eyes, expected the end to come swiftly, to his surprise he felt a cold mist wash over him instead. Opening his eyes to see what had happened, he panicked. The sword was lodged firmly into the upper mouth of the serpent, blood gushing out over him. Taking the little sword out he ran away from the near death experience, deep into the grasslands. never looking back he had found that he wasn't as weak as he thought. Life was different for him, or so it seemed. Living out in the real world, he searches for his next adventure...
LikesFeet/Paws, swordplay, running. (Creator note: Evil Giants/Giantess, domination, humiliation, cruelty, being stomped and getting smushed. :D However, I will roleplay anything with a good storyline.)
DislikesSnakes, Mud, Swimming (water in general) snakes, naga and most rats. (Creator note: Dislike most softvore, too much gentle stuff, unbirth and scat)
LocationFrom Ivydale. Living in a local mouse hole.
Additional InfoCreator notes are solely for those who wish to connect on a similar enjoyment level. I will not restrict myself on roleplay because of it but those that have similar tastes are more then welcome to enjoy. I allow the captor complete control of the situation, giving them the full sense of domination of such a pathetic creature, for those the enjoy it. :) Feel free to message me on irc or yahoo. Name is Vicaroth_Dalgan.

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