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Drawn by Nashika on Furaffinity and DeviantArt. Not to scale!

Vital Statistics!

Character NameRemmy
Height64 feet
Weight68.81 tons
SummaryMeet Remmy, a 64-foot tall coyote gal college student. She's nice for the most part! Unless you're bacon.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight grayish-brown, with lighter patches here and there.
Hair ColourDirty blonde and light brown
Eye Colourgreenish-yellow
ClothingRemmy is rather fond of hooded-sweatshirts. She's seldom seen without one really. Her personal favorites are a brightly-colored and gray striped one and a purple and gray striped one. However she has many more in many colors! She likes long pants, usually cargo pants because she can carry tons of stuff in the pockets, but blue jeans are also part of her wardrobe on occasion! However, if the weather gets warm, she will ditch the hoodie and cargo pants for some kind of shirt and shorts for practicality's sake.
AccessoriesShe has a toe-ring that she made out of a junked station wagon. Her ears are pierced and for earrings she cycles between simple silver studs, hoop earrings made out of polished car wheels, and stud earrings painted to look like a planet, occasionally flip-flops when the pavement gets too hot to walk on.
Special AbilitiesLike most canines, Remmy has a very keen sense of smell and hearing.
Outstanding Features Being 64 feet tall

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe's got a mischievous streak several miles wide and enjoys pulling pranks and practical jokes whenever possible. "Accidentally" knocking over a stop light, moving construction equipment on top of buildings, "borrowing" cars, stopping in the middle of busy streets to use taller buildings as mirror, napping in places that get in people's way; harmless fun for the most part. Despite all her mischief, she's really quite nice, and usually enjoys relaxing in parks or out in the countryside or simply taking a bike ride across the....state... Just don't get her angry, or you might find your car upside down in a tree or squashed flat the next morning. She is by no means a violent or rampagey macro, and makes a conscious effort to not step on anyone, but collateral damage to roads, buildings, and vehicles will happen despite her best efforts.
BackgroundRemmy wasn't always a macro. Growing up in a small town in central Montana, she was, despite her being an anthro coyote, much like the rest of the people her age. But then she turned 16 and her body decided that she should be taller: much taller. This made hanging out with friends and going to school somewhat difficult. On the other hand, she was a big hit with the local towing company. She had always been a bit of a prankster, however after reaching her new size, all sorts of new opportunities for mischief opened up. However, she took things a little too far a few too many times, and it was decided it was best if she left. (it turns out that people really don't like it if you steal the roof off of their garage, or build a 20 foot high wall of cars around city hall) After "moving" out, Remmy spent a few years wandering around, living in various towns for a while, going up to Canada for a bit, meeting some other macros, and just generally not doing a whole lot with herself. For a while she joined an ensemble of macro musicians, and spent some time touring with them. Eventually she decided that she wanted to do something with her life, and after several long letters, she eventually moved back to her hometown, re-connected with her family, and finished high school at age 20. Now she's in college studying in hopes of becoming a teacher and working to educate other macros. Being the only macro in her highschool, was hard enough, but being the only macro in the college she's at is a whole other can of worms. It's difficult, housing is a pain, classrooms are far too small for her to even stick her head in, and her papers are far too big for her professors to effectively deal with! Despite the extra difficulties, she's managing fairly well.
LikesRaw beef, pork, BACON, elk, moose, fish, venison, chocolate, chatting with micros, relaxing, being outside, snow, teasing micros, pulling pranks, snowcones, live music, girl-scout cookies (although she wishes they came in bigger boxes), spa days, traffic helicopters, cute fuzzy things, being really tall compared to micros, days without homework, hoodies, playing bass, riding her bike, rib day at the cafeteria, long mid-afternoon naps on the grass,
DislikesRain, violent macros, people with no sense of humor, water balloons, being taken by surprise, airplanes, heights, being short compared to most other macros, car trips,citrus fruit, tofu, vegetables, trains, train rides, car horns, high-pitched whistles, the dentist, and for some reason she has a distrust of mail carriers...
LocationSome college in south-central Montana.
OccupationShe's held several jobs in her life. Repo-agent, junkyard car crusher, vehicle towing, billboard, professional musician, and even as a customer service rep!
Additional InfoSuffers from motion sickness, has a fear of heights, her favorite color is forest green, she snores VERY loudly.