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Vital Statistics!

Character NameShadow Claw
SpeciesAnthromorphic Tiger
Height2,640 ft.
WeightAbout 6.9 million tons
SummaryShadowclaw was born on the exact moment of a planetary alignment, which has synced him up with the core of the planet--in a sense, he and the planet work as a team.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBengal Orange with Black stripes
Hair ColourBlack, with silver stripes near the back of his head that flare out at the end
Eye ColourSapphire blue
ClothingNone, save for a well-positioned loincloth to cover his nether regions
WeaponryHis hands and feet
Special AbilitiesShadowclaw is completely in sync with the rhythm of the planet. When enough pressure in the crust below builds, he feels shivers up and down his spine that cue him to help relieve the pressure by creating a smaller earthquake to prevent much larger ones from occurring without advanced warning.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShadowclaw doesn't view himself as a deity, although some of the inhabitants of the planet think he is one for the ability to know when there is the possibility for a large, devastating earthquake that would cause a large loss of life.
BackgroundHe was born at the exact moment of a rare planetary alignment, which caused him to be synced with the planet's natural rhythm. He feels the life-force of every humanoid and animal, but does not feel the full of nature. At the moment of his birth, the life force of both of his parents (both tigers) was siphoned into him at the moment of his first sound. He has never known what it is like to be a family, and has learned to deal with his height and place in the world as best he can.
LikesShadowclaw likes those who aren't afraid of him because of his stature. He also wishes to learn as much as he can about the world below that he never had the opportunity to experience.
DislikesHe dislikes those who only view him as being useful for one thing only. He is, in a sense, not an overly sexual being, but more of an innocent child in a world that he understands enough of to know what is a comfort and what is to only be used by others.