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Vital Statistics!

Character NameNorili

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourA dark brown/black and gray with a touch of silver.
Hair ColourDark brown hair nearing black in color
Eye ColourSage
ClothingDark cargo pants, a t-shirt bearing a comic logo, and a earth toned long coat most days. Some days a button down dress shirt and slacks. Whatever the event or mood calls for.

Personality & Background

PersonalityOutwardly goofy and eccentric, he is a light hearted guy who enjoys making things interesting and mischievous. It's not uncommon for him to stick stubbornly to decisions or statements drawn out of his entangled logic or even thin air. Although quite boisterous and unrepentant on the surface, It's a regular practice for him to 'test' new people for some time with jokes and odd behavior before letting them know how he really thinks and feels. Tends to be meticulous about specific things.
BackgroundBeing the oldest of the litter he's been taking care of his siblings for a good few years eventually learning to tolerate, deal with and take care of them. Curious about the the world around him, at an early age he displayed an interest in the hidden workings riddled throughout the world. Studying chemistry, omnipresent energies, potions, and magic.
LikesPreparing home cooked meals with new twists, learning about the world around him, camping in the mountains, watching after people he cares about, being particular, decided use of the word love, 'cute' things, having people figure things out, falling asleep in someone's grasp.
DislikesWet shoes, short tempered people, people who form decided opinions at first glance or with a rough understanding, people who don't want to bother figuring things out, getting sticky stuff in his fur.