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Vital Statistics!

Character NameJennafur Aiwasu
Height144 cm (4' 9")
Weight87.5 kg (193 lbs.)
SummaryTightly-built, muscular and just a hair busty (F-cups), with jet black fur, silky glowing electric blue hair to her butt and glowing bright green slit-pupil eyes. A cute, mischievous smile on an elsewise innocent face. HUGE ears adorned with four ring earrings each and gauged at the bottom. Her tongue and unmentionable places GLOW electric blue (and are blue in color!). Over this is a technokimono top with circuit pattern glowy decorations in blue on the dark dark blue cloth, gold thread patterns of foxes at play in fields, broad flared shoulders and sleeves, worn half-open. Body-hugging midnight-blue pants with blue-glowing stripe down the sides show off a round butt, heavy thighs and calves, leading to slender digitigrade legs shod in light metallic paw-boots with claws in deep gray. Claws on her fingers glow blue as well. From behind, her fluffy tail is huge, twitching about.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark charcoal gray across most of her body with a medium gray under-muzzle, throat, and ventral surface, plus halfway down her inner thighs. Socks and gloves in the same medium gray.
Hair ColourBright glowing electric blue hair in a silky floof down to her butt, the front shaggy and poofly, teased out a bit.
Eye ColourGlowing bright green with slit pupils
ClothingA techno-kimono top in midnight blue, almost black, with gold thread showing off foxes playing in fields, in the sky circuit-patterns defining clouds glowing in bright electric blue. The kimono has the flare-shouldered look common to Kataginu (a separate piece normally worn over the kimono to provide that look), and the sleeves are wide, and are partially detached from the shoulders, showing off half her arms.
The belt worn is not a traditional obi for a kimono, but a set of jet-black glossy leather belts, one around her waist, two hanging off the right side, one off the left, with polished gold buckles and grommets (metal around the belt holes).
Jen's bottom is covered in a fur-tight midnight-blue set of pants which look almost armor-segmented. Up close, the fabric can be seen to have slightly lighter-blue rainbow-shimmery hexagons, maybe half a centimeter across. Down the outsides of the thighs is a stripe, five centimeters wide, patterned in a whip-like plait, bordered in bright gold, which glows electric blue. Some light circuit-tracings adorn the curve of the butt and crotch. The pants flow seamlessly into or under the boots.
Segmented, armored, techno-boots in dark metallic gray meant for the "second knee" downwards are worn, with solid segments around the knee and ankle, the footpaw pieces looking solid and sturdy, paw-shaped with blue-glowing footpads and claws.
AccessoriesA single gold pin-brooch, worn on her left kimono collar, with a trio of small red rubies inset on a ellipse, behind the ellipse a pair of spires rising, the right higher than the left. This little toy serves a host of purposes, not the least is a defense field generator and energy shedding device, commlink, holo-projector, and power generator.
WeaponryDepending from the right side pair of belts is a slim black leather holster carrying a white and red pistol-shaped weapon. In reality, this is an electrogravitic stunner. With fifty charges and a range of five hundred meters, it serves as the one weapon Jen needs. It has three major operating modes, and one "meta mode": Stun, heavy stun, and ultra-heavy stun, plus "Grenade mode", a mode which centers a 50 meter sphere of effect around one target.
Stun will knock unconscious most normal human-sized opponents in a single hit, three being the most needed to knock out even the heaviest of humans.
Heavy Stun will usually on one hit knock out most smaller (under 5 meter) macros. As before, three hits is usually sufficient for even the hardiest of folk.
Ultra-heavy stun often is considered overkill, as it can (and has) knocked out small biological STARSHIPS in a single hit.
As with all stunners, it is NOT the size of the target that matters, as neurologically they're the same: induce enough current and you essentially short-circuit the brain. It isn't painful, but it IS enough to leave one unconscious for a few minutes to a few hours. It also works on AIs / machines, and the neurologically enhanced (but fails when in use against those who are instinctive electricity manipulators who are also PREPARED for it.)
Special AbilitiesJennafur is approximately six times stronger than a full-grown adult human male standing six feet tall and in excellent physical condition. She can lift approximately one thousand kilograms over her head and leg-press fifteen hundred kilos.

Jennafur has a myriad of little technologically-assisted differences in her.
Jennafur possesses a neural net (nnet), an electronic copy of her own brain's neural layout, adaptive and changing as she changes, laced into her own brain and down through her spine. Through this and diffuse cybernetics laid down in diamondoid and silicon, this allows her communication with most machines.

On this advanced neural net Jen runs an Agent software, a low-end, non-sentient artificial intelligence that acts like her secretary and personal assistant, screening all emails, handling looking things up for her, and essentially being a helpful background persona. In places which have cellphone access, her Agent will handle assigning her a number and seeing to it that all calls route through its' virtual self. When looking up information through her Agent, the information manifests like memories, not "read from a screen" kind of data.

There is speedheal in her bloodstream, a mix of biotechnological regenerative factors and limited nanotechnological assistance, common to many sentient animal types, and even many of the now-rare humans where she comes from. A mix of specially tailored biotechnology meant to find injuries and assist in healing by secreting assistive chemicals, this system can drastically increase Jen's healing rate to something almost akin to rapid regeneration, but it draws heavily upon her own body resources. Thus, it makes her fatigued and massively hungry when in use. With these drugs in her system, though, she can even slowly re-grow lost limbs or quickly re-attach severed ones and have them fused in and functional in minutes.

Outstanding FeaturesShort curvy pseudoarmored fennec starship pilot?

Personality & Background

PersonalityBubbly, outgoing, snuggly, cuddly and happy
LikesSpace, tech, money, other poofly floofy-tailed fuzzies to snuggle.
LocationWherever! She owns a starship!
OccupationStarship pilot of a freelance advanced, low-crew, AI-assisted vessel. The ship is fast, exceedingly well-armed and armored and shielded (the ship would class as a destroyer), and where it came from is a secret (and a mystery).