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This is what Taiko looks like.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameTaiko
SpeciesDragon (Non-Winged)
SummaryAwesome Dragon, super glowy!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack scale/fur color, neon (glowing) blue claws and horns.
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourNeon blue
ClothingBrown vest and shirt, leg armor and wears a cape with unique design.
WeaponryA lance with six blades attached at the head, and a neon blue crystal at the end of it. The lance has two gold rings attached to it.
Special AbilitiesTaiko is a knight in training. He is able to do some of what other dragons can do. He has the power to change size at will. He can cast magic, but most of the time, it backfires alot.
Outstanding FeaturesMarkings on his face.

Personality & Background

PersonalityTaiko is very kind hearted and loves to help out those in need. He never get's himself into trouble.
BackgroundTaiko was abandoned in the wilderness by his parents and a sorcerer took him in and raised him. The Sorcerer blessed Taiko with a spell that allowed him to change the size of anything and anyone he chooses to. Taiko is also affected by a curse put on him by an evil being in a parallel dimension to his. On that side, it is himself, but he looks different. He has his original black fur/scale color, but he has red claws and horns instead of blue. This other Taiko has taken over the world and plans to take over the world on the real Taiko's dimension too. At random times, Taiko's color will change from blue, to red, signifying that he is being controlled. While controlled, he, obviously, isn't in control of his body anymore, but is still able to keep his own thoughts and think. For every good thing that Taiko does, this is what happens to him. (Doesn't happen too often though.) Taiko must seek out this evil being and rid him from existence before it gets to his dimension.
LikesLikes to go out and explore new places he has never seen before.
DislikesSimple...Bad people. Evil. Common stuff.
LocationDrazzion (Home world)
OccupationKnight in training.

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