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Art by CaptainQ, used with permission

Vital Statistics!

Character NameAhnjii
SpeciesSquolf (squirrel-wolf hybrid)
Height171 cm (5' 7")
Weight141.5 kg (311 lbs)
SummaryAhnjii sports a cute face, youthful and playful, with a massive pushed-back shaggy floof of red hair that falls to the middle of her back. Her ears poke up through this, triangular and mobile, looking closer to her wolf heritage. Pretty blue eyes with heavy lashes and a muzzle with a ready smile, the latter, as the rest of her, mostly squirrel.
Below, Ahnji has a tight, athletic build, strong and toned, her physique showing off a fair amount of muscle. A large bust leads into a trim waist, then into wide hips and a big, round butt. Lower, Ahnjii's legs are massive, betraying her squirrel heritage, thick and strong yet smooth, leading into long-toed feet. Her fingers and toes sport long, sharp claws, while behind is a mobile and almost impossibly-fluffy squirrel tail. All of this is clad in red-gold fur and a gray-furred underbelly.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAhnjii's fur is primarily red-gold, with a gray shaggy ventral surface. It grows slightly darker around her upper back.
Hair ColourRed hair in a style reminiscent of Washuu from Tenchi Muyo, pushed back and shaggy and more than a little wild, all of this falling down to her mid-back
Eye ColourBlue eyes with heavy lashes and a perpetual glint of humor.
ClothingAhnjii wears an odd outfit comprising of a loose-fitting tan top worn half-open and showing off her impressive cleavage. Flared shoulders lead into loose sleeves which are gathered at the wrists by close-fitting blue and silver bracers (described in detail under Accessories, below). Around her waist is a wide red-gold fabric sash acting as a belt. Close-fitting dark blue pants are worn with a metallic copper strips down the calf, apparently inlaid. This copper actually emits a dull red-gold light in the dark, brightening if Ahnjii uses her powers. Lower, her calves are clad in cuff-topped uppers that would normally lead into boots, but instead lead into a spat-like bottom and heel, leaving Ahnjii's clawed toes and much of her upper feet out.
AccessoriesAhnjii has several apparently ornamental pieces of jewelry on her always. The first are her earrings, three bright green emerald studs in each of her wolf-like mobile ears. Of note, the bottom right-side one is a comm system.

Ahnjii wears a set of ornate bracers. These bracers cover her entire forearm in a blue and silver armor-like form. A plate fits over the back of Ahnjii's hands, also in blue with silver filigree, and mounting a two-inch diameter cabochon (dome-like) gem in light blue. This plate is attached to the bracer by three slender rope chains, and to the hand by a trio of rope chains connected to a single silver ring worn over Ahnjii's middle finger.

These bracers are actually psionic amplifiers tuned to Ahnjii's specific mind signature, operating to bolster her abilities tremendously, though the drain can tire her out easily.

Ahnjii also sports a belly-button ring and dangle, the dangle having another emerald within it.

WeaponryAhnjii carries three weapons: one is a crystalline clear-bladed knife. Looking like a glass blade, the curving, sleek foot-long-bladed dagger is actually quite high-tech, being a fractal-edged blade with a piezoelectric ultra-high-frequency resonator in it, letting blade shiver increase the severity of the horrifying cuts it can leave. Wielded against any armor not carrying VERY specific defenses, it can and will cut through them like a hot knife through soft butter.

Ahnjii's other weapon is a small beam weapon. Unlike most beam weapons, this one is VERY unusual: it projects a field effect where around the pin-thin beam for perhaps a centimeter or so all energy simply is drained. This leads to near-instantaneous freezing of an object near the beam path to close to absolute zero, usually shattering it violently due to thermal shock, making armors and the like simply break where the beam hits. At the same time, any cells nearby die from a mix of cold and the odd energy-draining properties. Electrical and other power systems are disrupted as well. The beam has an effective range of 500 meters, but in all practice is rarely used beyond 30 meters. It has twenty shots, and recharges one shot per minute of non-use.

Ahnjii's bracers operate in two modes: one is as the aforementioned psionic amplifiers. The other mode is as a psi-active weapon, channeling her abilities into physical weapons of her choosing, from staff ends emanating out from the bracers and running along them to blades to claws to once even a psi-operated and psi-powered bow with enough power that it punched a hole in and indeed through a fighter plane.
Special AbilitiesAs a combat psychic, Ahnjii is somewhat lacking on the so-called "psi-sensitive" front. She is a barely-passable telepath with a range not exceeding half a kilometer, and then only to well-known people. Fifty meters for strangers.

Ahnjii possesses a near-term form of precognition, allowing her to anticipate an opponent's likeliest probable move and extending to approximately five seconds with a VERY high success rate, and falling off sharply to a maximum of about a minute. Occasionally this ability will provide her, unasked-for, a glimpse of a more distant probability, as is standard for precognition under other circumstances, but this is never under Ahnjii's control, and has often left her confused, especially if the vision is of people she does not know or recognize.

Ahnjii's primary form of attack is kinetics. In this case, this encompasses a surprisingly broad range of absorption and projection of energy. Telekinesis, pyrokinesis, electrokinesis, cryokinesis, radikinesis and even hydrokinesis have all been displayed by her, with electrokinesis being powerful enough to form powerfully-ionized plasma in arcs between her hands. In addition to projecting these, Ahnjii is also capable of defending against these various conditions, both selectively negating them in some cases or even putting up a form of general psionic barrier akin to a force field against them.

In addition to these abilities, Ahnjii has shown herself able to bolster and boost her strength, agility, endurance, and reflex speed to degrees that would seem incredible, along with control of her body in ways many would consider verging on the mystical. Far more than her projective kinetics, however, these abilities tax her body, leaving her weak and tired and hungry after their use.
Along with this comes the ability to flush another person's body of fatigue poisons and pain.
Outstanding FeaturesHer hybrid nature and her build.

Personality & Background

PersonalityEasygoing and laid back until in a fight, then verging on bloodthirsty. Works well with a group, though, and will defer to a leader. As well, Ahnjii is VERY casual about her abilities, using them on a day to day and even moment to moment basis to improve her life and make things easier.
OccupationAhnjii is a Venn, a young psychic warrior-scholar of her people.