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Vital Statistics!

Character NameOnyx Demercily
SpeciesSilver Fox
Height7' 1

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis fur is Black with a thin of white around his muzzle lip despite his species
Hair Colourhis headfur is black aswell and normal length and covered by his hat.
Eye Colourhis eye is Red (lost one)
ClothingHe wears black boots blue baggy pants and a blue tunic with a string up neck that has a gold embroidery he also wears a forrest green cape that has a gold chain at the neck corners with a brown leather belt around his waist and dark brown qauntlet like gloves aswell as the hat most pirates have it haveing holes for his ears in it
Accessorieshe has gold rings on all his fingers except his thumbs
WeaponryHe carries a 8ft two handed broadsword called Gron a small Dagger at his left side and a few bits of magic
Outstanding FeaturesThe fact that he always keeps his right eye closed and the scar across it and his Muscular body

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe's a good guy at times but he can be mean at other times likes to plunder pillage and mess with people
BackgroundGrowing up he was mostly normal though he was a Thief back then too he went to school every chance he got though it was secretly since he really didn't have money to register he then got ahold of the rights to a ship in a poker game after customizeing it himself and stocking it with food drink and crew he tried his hand at piracy once and took an immediate likeing to it that's when he decided to fly the jolly roger and become a pirate he's spent time ever since sailing the sea's he has had his power since he was a kid and as he grew some beleived him to be a demon which infact he is though he has a bit of hidden potential since there was no other demons around to teach him.
LikesFriends his crew and sailing aswell as haveing fun and sparring
Dislikescan't rightly say.
LocationAboard his ship the VanGaurd that is sometimes in the harbr of Fazin
OccupationHe is a SeaPirate and a Thief
Additional InfoHe has certain abilities over the elements.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteYarr!!! I'll make ya walk the plank!!!!