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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRiviena Wurivyn
SpeciesAnthro Dragon
Age20 Something
Height7 feet and 5 inches or roughly the size of your average skyscrapper
Weight620lb or more
SummaryRiviena is a tall, sometimes brutish girl with a problem of being a temperamental social butterfly.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRiviena has got a black patch going from the bottom of her jaw, over her chest and breasts then stopping on her inner thighs along with black spots on her palms, underarms, bottom of her tail, and the pads of her digitigrade feet; the rest of her scales are a dark blue. Her head has a snout 6" long and she also has a set of frills jutting out from behind her mandible with 3 even spaced spikes with skin stretched between them. She also sports a, mostly, prehensile 11'6" long tail that ends with a plain tapered tip. Her body as a whole is muscular and lacking much in the way of fat.
Hair ColourBlack hair down to just below her shoulders.
Eye ColourAmber with black slits for pupils.
ClothingShe prefers to wear loose, boot-cut jeans or dark cargo shorts on her legs, for either choice a thick heavy belt holds the pants there. On her chest normally has a steel chest plate with a brown heavy wool tunic underneath or generic t-shirt. As well as the odd time when she decides to wear a stolen suit of power armor that she hasn't completely tested yet.
AccessoriesMultiple piercings adorn her frills, the locations and type changing often. She some times wears a steel helmet with a small ridge on the top center of it along with sometimes wearing pieces of silver jewelry around her neck, ankles, and wrists.
WeaponryHer natural claws that she sharpens regularly along with a collection of full tang European swords, ranging from a Scottish claymore to a fine Spanish steel rapier to a solid Czech dussack. Although she is practicing archery with a 75lb draw oak and linen-backed longbow. She's also just started with firearms, her favorites, regardless of use, are muzzle loading flintlocks and cap locks.
Special AbilitiesThe ability to grow wings on command and fully retract them. If she grows them out they span almost 12' individually with the digits being a dark blue while the skin stretched out between the digits is black.

Personality & Background

PersonalityRiviena is a temperamental social butterfly. She will readily meet new people and can be rather energetic about it. But she can get rather mad when something starts to go against her in a rude or degrading tone then it takes a while for her to pick up again. She stands for things being fair and not one sided for some one else's enjoyment and is happy to help in most cases.
BackgroundRivi was raised as a country girl and has grown to love the strength it has given her. Especially the countless times she's had to move hay bales around the farm. As she's grown up her father's enlistment in the military as caused her family to move around continuously across Canada, not that Rivi is complaining, it has allowed her to meet some rather interesting people over the years and grow as an individual.
LikesIt all depends on the time, place, and person. Though a predominant taste for webcomics, heavy/ symphonic metal, the unusual, the medieval ages, junk food, good food, simple food, writing, drinking Dr. Pepper, and a good story.
DislikesPop music, people overly full of themselves, people with evil and/or malicious intentions, having no freedom or being forced to do something, and hate for any reason.
LocationCentral Canada