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Vital Statistics!

Character NameJux
SpeciesAlien (a creature called a Comet, to be precise)
Ageold enough

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourspeckled blue with purple bands
Hair ColourBlack, with an indigo hue
Eye Colourred
Accessoriesinternal life support systems that have external components such as a metal housing around the chest that allows easily surgical access to organs for replacement and upgrades.
Weaponrynone, usually. except for slightly dull teeth with a vice-like bite, and the ability to puke up volatile stomach acid.
Special AbilitiesSkin is composed of a rubber-like material, and is nearly puncture resistant (would not stop bullets or very forceful stabs), but bruises very easily. memory is stored on a bio-drive to be collected and refurbished in a new body after death. able to see in ultra violet wavelengths as well as visible light.

Personality & Background

Personalitymanipulative, charismatic, strong-willed, snappy, studious, unpredictable
BackgroundJux was created by two stranglets (a god-like race) named distance and archipelago. D and A made Jux and many others like hir as proxies to carry out government tasks on a planet called Thought Hell. Thought hell (also called wax-8) is a socialist theocracy which is infamous for brain washing and controlling citizens with chemicals and brain wave technology. Though hell is populated by other members of jux's race called comets, comets are omnivorous with a penchant for all kinds of meat. they are commonly referred to as space piranhas, due to their ability to frenzy and attack a prey item in groups, stripping meat in a matter of minutes.
LocationUsually a embassy somewhere near the orion nebula.
OccupationJux functions as a speaker proxy for Thought Hell's diplomacy sect. this means zhe is responsible for dealing with the interplanetary council, namely denying any claims of thought hell's history of extortion and brainwashing. tldr- Jux is a lying diplomat