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Darkwolf riding A warp star. Image (c) Demonwolfie @ deviantart

Vital Statistics!

Character NameDarkwolf Pacific
AgeNone, was revived after his first death
Height1 inch
SummaryDarkwolf keeps his Hands and arms inside his cloak whenever he's not using them. He's quite... easy to kill. Very fragile. He's slightly hyperactive. He think of himself as epic. If not that, he tries his best to act adorable. The two diamonds on his tail were placed there by his brother after his first death. The diamonds seem to hold a liquid, nobody's sure what it is. Though, when Darkwolf is killed, the liquid is drained from the Diamonds. Luckily, to fill the liquid back in, the diamonds must be placed into water. When they soak the water, they glow a bright white. After that, the liquid is refilled, recreated Darkwolf's body. Amazingly, though the diamonds keep him stuck at an inch, he can grow macro, but only for a few hours, then must wait an hour for the power to restore in order for him to turn macro again. His real name is Isaac Adair. But due to memory loss after death, he changed his name. His Mother and Father is Laura and Kenith Adair

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGrey
Hair ColourWhite
Eye ColourLeft pupil is black, right pupil is red
ClothingJester hat, cloak, shoes. Two Diamonds on tail. Gloves.
AccessoriesSpider legs (From the back)
WeaponryNothing at all

Personality & Background

PersonalityShy, Overprotective, Cute, Pathetic.
BackgroundDarkwolf was first born on a port in an unknown area. His father, Kenith Adair, was known as a sailor. His wife, Laura Adair, Took care of Darkwolf while he was at sea. Before his death, he used to be a locomotive engineer. Due to being hired for the royal rail route, people became jealous. The first night he finished the route, her was murdered. With his brother, N63 finding out, N63 was put to depression. Not for long he stayed like this. N63 had later occupied the basement of an abandoned mansion. Using it as a lab to create gems that can be used as life-sources and much more. Along with the mansion being haunted, the spirits gave him tips and hints about how to create a a gem that a life source can manifest in. And being successful in creating two gems, able to do just that, the spirits took off to fetch Darkwolf's soul. After doing so, they pushes him into the artificial body N63 had also created for his brother, along with placing the two gems into the tail to act as something to hold the soul in the body. When the spirits began to push Darkwolf in, parts of his soul had broke free, spreading across the world, not only causing him to lose his memory and change his name, but lose the ability to feel several emotions. The two gems, though. Didn't even have enough power for Darkwolf, and forced him down to an inch.
LikesMechanics, Being groomed, brushed, licked, loved, adored, kept as a pet, and being given treats.
DislikesBeing eaten, crushed underfoot or any other part of a person bigger than him, being forced to do things. And worshiping people.
LocationOn the floor, most likely you have not noticed him
Additional InfoHe wears pants as well. Just to flag that up there.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteNYAAAAAAAH!!