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Vital Statistics!

Character NameBlues Greenwater
Agelooks 21
Height2 04
Weight65 lbs
SummaryBlues have fringe hairstyles that's in-front, barely peeking past the eyes, like a shinx's head but longer. Blues have long braids that end just below her shoulders with a red, blue, green and white bands holding at the ends of each braid. The braids themselves have different colors like the bands that hold them, but each of them are mismatch. (I.E. the red braid has the blue band, the green braid has the white band, the blue braid has the green band and the white braid has the red band.) There is a necklace that hangs around her neck; it's rather semi-lose, lightly moving side to side as it walks. The necklace itself have a dark blue (not to the point that it look black), to the lightest blue for the symbol for water on it (is a dragon holding an orb in its hand/paw), from the top of it to the bottom of the symbol.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHave artificial fur that's been made around the camouflage cells that give Blues the power to change colors for her fur.
Eye ColourIcy Blues
ClothingDoctor's jacket, a sky blue color rube, and bondage gear
AccessoriesEar ring on the right year that's in the shape of Keldeo, a necklaces around her neck, a stuff, a bag, an ankle bracelet on the left ankle.
WeaponrySub-machine gun, B.O.W.s, Handgun, combat knife, Killer7 (Magnum)
Special AbilitiesIs skill in bio-organic to cyborg; is able to turn a living being to a cyborg over time, replacing the living body parts with robot parts over four days to two weeks, depends on the size of the subject. Is also learning about the life of a cyborg to this date. Is skill in spell use, namely arcane mage spells.

Personality & Background

BackgroundBlues is the type to learn about anything that her paws can get onto or onto anyone's arm to learn from. Blues spent about six years in a mage school for learning everyone about the arcane's powers. Blues likes to work in her lab to learn how things work, answer why X do this and how Y is connected to X and Z. Blues mainly likes learning about how cyborgs' life are like, if there's any side effects happening, how there world is like after the change, so on. As time passes on, Blues' mind is slowly drawn to the idea of becoming one to self test and test again any other cyborgs she meets and befriend. This gone on for a few weeks blues came across a k9 that offer her a shot at becoming a cyborg, not having the skill to do it herself, she jump on the offer like a cat onto a rat. Blues was shown to a ship that seem to block out the sun with it's size. As Blues gone deeper into the belly of the beast, she was given a offer form to fill out and hand it back. After a long, and painful, hour and a haft, Blues woke up in her new body, looking like a skinless robot. the K9 who offered this to her help by telling her how the body works, what she can and can't do, all that stuff. Once Blues learn all that she could, she gone back home, but not before thanking the k9 for his handy work and her new skin.