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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDrakeTigrets
SpeciesWhite Bengal Tiger
AgeAppears in his 30s

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPretty standard as you'd expect of a white bengal tiger.
Hair ColourNo extra, just his headfur
Eye ColourYellow
ClothingWhen not stripped of his attire ( la #raisedtailscafe rules) he'll be wearing a fairly worn and tattered brown duster coat, usually with a shirt and waistcoat underneath. Matching trousers, boots, and a stetson.
AccessoriesApart from the hat, he wears a brown leather eyepatch over his left eye.
Special AbilitiesAlthough not outwardly noticeable, he has a remarkably enhanced longevity (actual age is closer to 300). He also has accelerated healing abilities, which has helped him to recover from usually fatal injuries. Acquisition of these abilities will be explained in his background.
Outstanding FeaturesApart from having one eye, he's well built and his muscles are well defined. His upper body and legs are covered in hundreds of scars from experiences in his past, and his upper body has a couple of leather 'grafts' where more serious injuries were covered up by (rather awful) doctors. One just under his heart, and one by his right kidney.

Personality & Background

PersonalityUsually pretty quiet until he's used to his company or had a few drinks to loosen him up. He's friendly and well mannered for the most part, avoiding arguments and hostility wherever possible. He doesn't often talk about his past unless he really gets to know someone.
Background-coming soon-
LikesWhisky, friendly company, lazing in the sun, reading.
DislikesMachines and robots, sweet things, water.
LocationCurrently settled in the #raisedtailscafe
OccupationUnemployed. Previous jobs include soldier, mercenary, and hitman.
Additional InfoAs happy to be a part of adult or non-adult roleplays. When it comes to adult ones in the cafe he sticks to the ladies, and his interests span just about anything apart from the ickier sides of S&M