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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRobyn of Lakeshire
AgeIt's not polite to ask a lady that.
Weightroughly 1400#; varies (see below)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTraditional vixen: reddish fur w/ black ears, hands & paws.
Hair ColourRed (different shade from fur)
Eye ColourBlue-green
ClothingLoose, comfortable tunics (at least, they start out that way).
AccessoriesSatchel of medical supplies & snacks.
WeaponryNone. Can use a quarterstaff when she has to.
Outstanding FeaturesImmense girth

Personality & Background

PersonalityStrong maternal streak, both in the nurturing sense and the defending-the-young sense. Has a slightly wicked sense of humor; prone to teasing. Oathbound healer.
BackgroundHas spent most of her adult life in her healerclan; all members of her clan are oathsworn. In exchange for their oath, clan healers are able to store much more energy for healing than other magic-users. This energy is stored as fat; their bodies automatically adjust to support their weight, however much that might be.
LikesSweet foods & snacks. Classical music.
DislikesCruelty. Any sort of senseless suffering.
LocationWorks out of various temples & healing centers; also known to travel extensively.
OccupationHealer (magical/innate ability, as well as traditional medical training).