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Vital Statistics!

Character NameInferno Mouse
SpeciesDemonic Mouse
AgeIncalculable (looks in mid-20s)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourlight grey fur with dark patches around the eyes, hands and feet - he also has a tuft of dark fur on the end of his tail much like a gerbil or kangaroo-rat/mouse.
Hair Colourpurple hair worn in long dreadlocks that drape down his shoulders
Eye Colourred eyes that glow when excited/angry
ClothingNormally wears very little, being used to the forest life - though he can vary in clothing when he wants to.
AccessoriesFanatical Collector Of Trinkets From Across The Multiverse So Has Lots Of Strange And Wonderful Accessories, Usually stored away in his burrow.
Special AbilitiesInferno is a reality-warping entity, he just happens to take the form of a mouse because.. well.. he feels like it. Thankfully he's far too silly to ever utilize his true potential and tends to be more "toony" than malicious. He's a shape-shifter, tending to be either very small or very large.
Outstanding Featureshas a small scar on his belly from a fight when he was young, not very noticeable due to his fur.

Personality & Background

PersonalityChaotic, Playful, Mischievous etc are best used to describe him - a little "weird" but is a free spirit who loves freedom.
BackgroundInferno-Mouse is a demonic-mouse who rarely stays the same size, shape or even species for very long - although in every form he takes he seems to retain a sense of impish delight rather than malice and his friends tend to regard him as chaotic-neutral at best or completely insane at worst.. He is the result of an experiment long ago to create a mystical super-weapon but it failed miserably as he has developed a capricious personality and would much rather raid a cookie jar than cause destruction - having all but completely lost any true malice he may of once harbored - though he still wishes to rule the world someday, like any true-rodent should.
LikesPaws, Mischief, Food, Having Fun, Meeting Friends and Generally Being Free.
DislikesOppression, Intolerance and Excessive Levels Of Chaos (think of him as chaotic neutral: he might save the world, might steal your car.. but doesn't like those who are overly vicious etc)
LocationN/A (he can appear anywhere, prefers forests etc)
Additional InfoThis mouse will not bite unless bitten but is capable of fighting back if he's threatened: so be nice (he in turn promises to be nice in return)