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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDrako
Heightranges from sapling to great redwood
Weightso emmbarrassing u.u
Summarynot sure yet ^^ just made this account will update on progress

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourskin is a soft pale when he hasn't been outside for long periods of time, a darker color when he gets sun, its also known as tanning :O!
Hair Colourrich dark black
Eye Colourgreen and birght like a sapling
Clothingdawned in clothing hand made from fine silks woven from happily cared for silk worms
Accessoriesscarf and hat, so wonderful aren't they?
WeaponryO_O VIOLENCE!? noooooooo just have some cake
Special AbilitiesWould size changing even be considered special on a macro micro place XD?
Outstanding Featuresears, so long and elegant

Personality & Background

Personalityeasy going, very playful, very naughty, completely mischievous
Likesmacro,micro, furries, fur,scales, playing, fun, romance
Locationthe woods, yes... THE WOODS, be careful, I cant always see whats under the treeline when I'm walking
Occupationtoy maker, apparel designer, shade
Additional InfoHe has a special special secret only for those close to him :)

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