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Vital Statistics!

Character NameHawkeye Enaimus Neytr
SpeciesHuman-Bird Hybrid
Height6 foot, 3 inches
Weight160 lbs.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSkin color: Pale. Gray wings, black talons (hands and feet,) and slight patch of gray feathers across the right side of his face.
Hair ColourBlack, shoulder-length hair.
Eye ColourDark blue-green with a gold ring around the pupil.
ClothingNormal attire: Black T-Shirt with "Archangel" or "Furry and Proud" written across the chest, worn-out Jeans, and black Converse sneakers.
AccessoriesWears a gold watch on his left wrist and a necklace with metal talons on it.
WeaponryNone. Mainly uses his words to get out of trouble. If not, he fistfights his way out.
Special AbilitiesHe can fly great distances, speeds and heights for about six hours without a break.
Outstanding FeaturesHe has sight and hearing that is practically superhuman, and is only a teenager.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe is very sporadic in his personality and behavior. Most of the time, he chooses to be alone because he feels different. Only sometimes does he get over that and tries to be sociable. He is very short-fused and doesn't like to be wrong.
BackgroundHe was born with an artificially altered gene that gave him wings and such. Due to this, he's lighter than most humans his age because his bones are mostly hollow, like all avians. He has moved frequently to different states in the US, and tries to fit in. It usually doesn't work.
LikesOpen spaces, clean air, listening to music, writing music, drawing, being alone, sometimes being with others, being right.
DislikesEnclosed spaces, pollution, being wrong, annoying people.
LocationAnywhere in the US, but mostly in the sky.
OccupationTeenager, keyboard player in his rock band "Archangel."

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Everything is limitless."