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Vital Statistics!

Character NameNalūd Ishten
SpeciesRed Dragon
AgeBeyond anyone knowledge
Height47 feet
Weight1447 pounds
SummaryNalūd Ishten is an old and wise not to mention cunning dragon. He’s bi but most believe hes gay. hes a nice dragon that is up for making new friends, but get on his bad side and be smaller than him the last thing you see is the inside of his big belly.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRed scales and a Black underbelly.
Eye Colourdeep red
Accessories5 pound gold nose ring
Weaponryfire breath
Special AbilitiesCan make others believe hes in human form, illusions
Outstanding FeaturesCan paralyze weaker souls and some stronger souls with his gaze

Personality & Background

Personalitynice, up for a good time and loves to make jokes. he is shy at first but after that is fun to talk to
Backgroundas a young dragon he was very mischievous and got into more than his share of trouble, but as he grow older he soon would learn his lesson as he would soon get in a fight and nearly die and with no one around that was willing to help was left to die. This event changed his life forever, and left him with a scare over his left side of his face and a weak left front leg.
LikesNalūd Ishten loves to have a good time and to laugh.
Dislikesothers that interupt, and others that are just plane rude
Locationin the village of Naligma
Occupationtelling jokes and laughing
Additional InfoUp for meeting that one special person

Just for Fun

Favourite QuotePut the key in the ignition