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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDaziren
SpeciesRed Panda
Height161 cm (5' 3")
Weight118 kg (260 lbs.)
SummaryThe first thing one might see about Dazi is her candy-striped white and red hair, worn shaggy and a bit wild. Her red- and cream-furred ears poke up from this mass, round and mobile, three gold hoop earrings winking bright against the red and cream fur. Under it her eyes are an intense, vivid blue-green, made to look huge by the round spectacles that somehow perch on her short muzzle. The whole gives her face a feel of youth even beyond her still-young seventeen years.
Letting one's gaze slide down, one might first boggle at the improbable size of her chest, which clad in the bikini-like top she prefers bulges massively, each breast seeming to be about the size of a beach ball on her build. Aside from this, she certainly looks strong enough to carry the weight, as her body is buff, strong, and muscular. Though not to the size of a hardcore bodybuilder, she sports a hardbody physique with solid, heavy muscles large enough to show through the fur. Winking in amongst her shaggy tummy-fur is a gold belly-button piercing, highlighted bright against the chocolate fur of her front and just visible when she walks, winking brightly from under the shelf of her chest. From her trim six-pack waist, her hips flare very wide, leading into a big, round yet tight butt and very heavily muscled, thick legs that are just shy of being completely out-of-proportion they're so thick. Big, solid bulging calves continue down to relatively small feet. Behind, above that big butt and under her sculpted, muscular back is her tail, thick and poofy and shaggy. On both her hands and her toes she sports ivory-white sharp claws.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRed, orange-tan, some cream, and chocolate
Hair ColourWhite with long red streaks, worn fluffy and shaggy to mid-back.
Eye ColourIntense blue-green
ClothingDaziren wears a bikini-like top in bright sky blue over her insanely huge chest. The straps are broader than that of a swimsuit bikini and are of brown braided leather with gold buckling. A set of translucent billowing sleeves in blue run from mid-bicep to gather at her wrists, see-through enough to let her solid, round biceps and tight, thick-corded forearms show through easily. A side-tied high-leg sky-blue bikini-style bottom conceals her nethers from casual view, while a pair of gold metallic braided belts are worn cross-angled, from which attach the knee-length close-fitting chaps-like pants legs she wears, the blue leather-like material open along the sides and held together by gold lacing. Slipper-like shoes complete the outfit. At her hips, tied to the high-leg bikini bottom's strings are several small gold bells.
In cold weather, Daziren will first change to heavier sleeves, leather-like, blue, and side-laced like her chaps-like pants. Over this will come in colder weather still a sleeveless shirt reaching to her hips. As things grow yet colder, over all this will be added in a blue jacket with fancy gold braidwork at the seams, at the epaulet straps on the shoulders, and decorative work of the same nature down the back. Last in this will be the change of her slippers to close-fitting chocolate-brown leather boots that lace up the front and reach just above the knee, there tied off close.
AccessoriesAn advanced tablet computer which also serves as her cellphone, music player, etc. kept in a sky-blue cushioned, velvet pouch at her hip; her belly-button piercing, three simple gold-hoop earrings wink in each ear, and several less-visible piercings, quite large, thick and heavy, also in gold.
Special AbilitiesLearned basic shapeshifting magics and aura-alteration magics from a few "mythicals", and thus has familiarity with them from an unusual perspective. Dazi is also learned in some basic alchemy, specifically Taoist in nature, and can craft talismans in the same manner as some Onmyoji.

Dazi, like many furs, is considerably stronger than a human. Daziren is capable of bench-pressing some seven hundred (700) kilograms (1,550 lbs), and leg-pressing eight hundred fifty (850) kilograms ((1,875 lbs).
Outstanding FeaturesHer chest (it's quite outstanding), her eyes, and her fluffy, loving personality.

Personality & Background

PersonalityFluffy, loving, outgoing, sweet, and gentle under 99% of circumstances. Despite her odd dress, she is very much a modern girl.
BackgroundDaziren's family came over from Asia somewhere around the 1920's, and thus have been long-time Americanized. Her mother is an Ob-Gyn doctor at the local hospital, wrking any shift they need, while her dad works as an construction site foreman. Dazi has three sisters; two older and one younger, all of whom share her build (well-muscled and terrifyingly busty). Aside from her studies in magic, Dazi is elsewise a normal girl going to high school.
LikesSpicy hot good food, snuggling, good music, and having a good time. Her literary likes include a lot of science fiction, and she is a lover of anime, especially the older anime.
DislikesFolk who think she must have back problems because she's big, or that if she doesn't than she must be brainless because she has big breasts, folk who judge that she must be disgusting or a slut because she is big-breasted.
OccupationNone at this time, though she sometimes part-times as a waitress at a local diner, and has twice done big-bust swimsuit modeling for teens, with an open option of returning for more.
Additional InfoDazi speaks a little Chinese, in this case a mix of words from here and there, not a precise dialect, and speaks and reads fluent Japanese, though she might balk at some of the harder phrases. All of these are second languages to her, as her first language is English.