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Image drawn by Nashika

Vital Statistics!

Character NameDavid "North" Rosewell
SpeciesSnow Leopard
Height5 feet 11 inches
Weight173 pounds
SummaryNorth (real name David Rosewell) is a fairly cranky snow leopard who just so happens to be a graffiti artist. He can size-change, but has no control over it.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourblue-gray with black and gray spots. The fur on his toes is much darker than on the rest of his body.
Hair Colourblack
Eye Colourgray-green
ClothingNormal everyday: Light blue button-up shirt, khaki-colored cargo shorts, and flip-flops When out putting up street art: black baggy cargo pants, plain dark blue shirt, black light-weight jacket, gray beanie, and a green bandana on his face
AccessoriesAlways has on a sports watch and a dark blue backpack
WeaponryHe carries a can of pepper spray and a small pocket knife with him usually.
Special AbilitiesNorth is a size-changer, but has no control over this ability. Also epic graffiti skills.
Outstanding FeaturesHe is very fluffy, but if you ask or mention it to him he will deny this fact and most likely attempt to punch you in the face.

Personality & Background

PersonalityQuite frankly, North is a "sourpuss". Generally sarcastic and snarky, usually pessimistic. Deep down he really is a good person...cat...thing...but he has an image to maintain (so he says) so cranky/grumbly is how you'll usually find him.
BackgroundNorth, born David Rosewell, was born in Portland, Oregon to very strict, very conservative, and very religious parents. He was an only child and was constantly in trouble for trying to rebel against his parents. When he was 15 he was disowned at sent to live with his hippie uncle in Seattle when his parents learned he was dating a fox girl. His hippie uncle turned him into a little bit of a political activist, and he got interested in street art. He adopted the alias "North" and left as soon as he was 18, and moved to British Columbia for reasons unknown. He makes most of his money by selling junk on ebay and occasionally by managing to sell prints of his art.
LikesCold weather, soap operas, SPAM, bonsai trees, vandalism, snow, stargazing, vandalizing public and or private property, staying up late, spiders.
Dislikesrats, mice, any other kind of rodent that squeaks, Portland Oregon, security cameras, pop-rocks, getting caught, being mistaken for a burglar, loud noises, being called fluffy or cute, people thinking he's a girl, static cling, hugs.
LocationBritish Columbia unless traveling around. He lives in a small apartment unless he's traveling, in which case he lives in his early 2000's Jeep Wrangleri with his bonsai tree.
OccupationPrimarily he works at a loading bay in an airport for an air freight company but he also sells stuff on ebay, attempts to sell street art, and he used to be a waiter at a Denny's restaurant.
Additional InfoHas a phobia of mice and rats. Like..seriously, he's scared to death of them. Not even he really knows why.