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Vital Statistics!

Character NameNathan Kelsing Valkner
SpeciesHuman-Dragon Hybrid
Height6 foot, 1 inch
Weight180 lbs.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAbout 75% of his body is human; Neytr has a somewhat pale skin color. He has a pair of emerald green wings, with a wingspan of about 14 feet. He also has a patch of green scales on each of his wrists, and long claws on his hands.
Hair ColourShort, straight, auburn hair.
Eye ColourDark green/black.
ClothingTypical human clothing. His signature outfit is a black "Furry and Proud" T-Shirt with wing holes cut in the back, a pair of heavily worn Jeans, (or cargo shorts, depending on the seasons,) and a pair of worn-out hiking shoes/boots.
AccessoriesNeytr may appear to be wearing a Pooka-shell necklace, perfectly fit around his neck. Other than that, Neytr wears no accessories.
WeaponryFights with his strength and cunning. On rare occasions, Neytr will fight with a small melee weapon like a knife.
Special AbilitiesHe can fly great distances; he possesses great endurance after much hard training as a child.
Outstanding FeaturesNeytr can breathe fire, but only very little. The most he's managed was a large pillar of fire for about a second. He mainly breathes small wisps out the crevices in his mouth when he is angry, or during pressuring times, he will light himself a cigarette.

Personality & Background

PersonalityNeytr is usually a mellow, cool person. He mainly likes to do what he does in the calmest of fashions. However, when disaster strikes, Neytr will not hesitate to break his cool to stop the problem. During intense pressure, Neytr will occasionaly take out a cigarette. He says that the smoking is under control, and that it's only so he can calm himself. His overall personality shows that he is a controlled person.
BackgroundNeytr grew up as a normal child. Although born with wings, he has managed to remain as inconspicuous as he could. On his seventh birthday, Neytr tried flying for the first time. When he succeeded, Neytr continued to train himself for greatness. By the time he was a teenager, Neytr could fly and remain in the air for hours. He prefered to stay single and focus on his studies throughout high school. Graduating as the valedictorian, Neytr was given many choices for universities. In fact, on the day of graduation, after the ceremony, Neytr flew out to the stands, diploma at hand, waved to everybody, then left. He went to pursue his dreams...
LikesAlmost everything.
DislikesAlmost nothing.
LocationAmerica. Somewhere...
OccupationCurrently none.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"You don't need wings to soar in life."