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Beeeeg dragon god!

Vital Statistics!

Character NameRyxan Mar
SpeciesMetal Dragon God
GenderPerfect Male
AgeAppears 24
Weight36,200 lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis metal is silver all over, with the exception oh his thick pierced black nipples and the flesh of his members, those being black as well. His body is also ripped and massive, quite an excessively hyper and muscled silver dragon.
Hair ColourLong ass-length hair, usually kept either untied behind him or braided into a long ponytail. Shiny, made of thin strands of his metal material
Eye ColourHis eyes are a deep crimson, glowing with an obvious power behind them. If one looks closely they can see the various reds shifting about.
ClothingTypically black T-shirt with short sleeves and short black shorts, with dancing gold and red runes. Though he loves to wear anything.
AccessoriesGolden loop piercings in each nipple, a golden loop in his earfin, golden engraved rings for sheaths and equally jeweled, engraved bracelets on each of his four arms, golden ring around one of his many black horns. Red energy collar, phasing between realities and bound by a border of midnight onyx, with multiple jewels set in. He also has a red crown floating above his head, the red energy phasing as well and bound again in a border of onyx, glowing with energy
WeaponryBeing a god he has many powers and weapons at his disposal. Generally he uses dual greatswords, or quad longswords etched of his own material, silver and glowing with powerful runes. He tends to also channel powerful combat magics relating to warping time and energy around, depending on how much he can concentrate.
Special AbilitiesHe's a god! The limit is in the imagination. There is nothing that willpower can't do.
Outstanding FeaturesThree members instead of one, Four arms instead of two, being a massive power dragon god, huge muscles and such

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