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Vital Statistics!

Character NameBrandi
SpeciesEmerald Skunkette
Height165 cm (5ft 5in)
Weight141.5 kg (311 lbs)
SummaryLong white hair flows down from her head in a shaggy massive wave that falls down her back to just above her immense tail and flops forward in a shaggy, unruly mass in front of her face.
From under this mass of hair emerge round skunk ears and peer large sky-blue intelligent eyes that hold a spark of innocence about them, gold rings around the iris.
Brandi has a compact, short body most would term hyper-curved. Her torso is utterly dominated by a pair of truly immense spherical impossibly full firm bouncy and perky breasts, each maybe the size of very large beach balls, obscuring most of her front, while her back is thickly muscled, shapely and sculpted, definition clear even through the shaggy fur. Her arms too are lithe and tight, looking like those of someone who has worked out a lot. Not huge, but very well defined through the fur. Under the tremendous chest is a tight tummy, very thick with muscle but not heavily defined, movement showing thick hints of abs, though bending will make them stand out, massive and rock hard.
Very wide hips and a big, round curvy very well-muscled butt lead to thighs way too thick for her height, each one as thick around as her waist, all tight heavy curves like a gymnast pumped up to an insane degree. These lead to truly immense bulging calves, their gigantic size making them look almost comically stuffed. These huge legs taper down to almost tiny feet. Her huge, fluffy, shaggy-furred tail stands almost taller than she does, and bobbles behind her, arching up to follow the curve of her back before flopping over towards the rear at the tip, the fur kept immaculately brushed to a gleaming, shimmery shine.
Both her feet and hands are graced by inch-long black claws kept well-manicured.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourEmerald green fluffy and shaggy fur, with an underbelly of white. The fur has green-dominant rainbow shimmers through it under good lighting.
Hair ColourBright white hair, worn in an incredibly unruly floof, a few curly bits here and there.
Eye ColourPure sky blue with gold metallic rings around the iris and flecks of gold shot through.
ClothingDark blue leather bolero jacket chained across the top of her chest, braided gold shoulder boards, while across the dark blue back are blue-white glowing circuit patterns, these traceries making the form of a skunk head of the non-anthro kind. Over the left breast-side this marking is repeated small. A short pseudo-leather cream-colored "M"-style bustier that doesn't come lower than her rib cage but does come up and cups those immense breasts, leaving her thickly-muscled tummy and tons of cleavage showing. Below, a pair of deep indigo, nearly black fur-tight pants are worn. Down the outsides of the legs from hip to knee runs a five centimeter wide strip of metallic copper, apparently flexible, with ridging that apparently holds some form of light-emitting system, because the metal is definitely illuminated in an orange-white glow making it look almost aflame. Some light electro-luminescent circuit-tracings adorn the curve of the butt and crotch. A pair of gold-braid belts cross across her hips, from which depends on the right side a sky-blue hard-case the size of a large yet thin book. Knee-high cuffed-down dark purple soft boots cling to her immense curvy legs, seemingly tailored to make them look even larger and more curvy than they are, if that is even possible.
AccessoriesA top-end tablet computer is at her hip in the sky-blue hard case, but elsewise her clothes ARE her accessories, providing the visual pop usually attributed to jewelry.
WeaponryClaws, skunk spray, and a tasp.

A Tasp is a device that can stimulate the pleasure center of the brain via electric induction at varying levels, even at a distance. Such a jolt of pleasure can be as totally disabling as a similar jolt of pain could be. More so, repeated use of the tasp at a low level can become addictive, allowing even greater control of the subject. The sensation is far more powerful than any "normal" orgasm, usually leaving the affected person utterly incapacitated for several minutes. Because it is neural stimulation, this is not a "messy" effect. Unless the brain is somehow shielded against extreme low frequency radio, the Tasp works. While physically harmless (and indeed incredibly nice), there is a strong danger of pleasure addiction.
Special AbilitiesClaws - On her slightly feet and hands are retractable claws. These claws are naturally nearly razor sharp, and seem to always keep themselves that way. They are also strong enough and long enough to aid her in climbing trees.

Skunk Spray - Brandi also possesses scent glands. The nauseating, reeking effects of a skunk's scent scaled up in volume and potency to match a more than five foot tall skunkette serve as a potent defense.

Hyperagile - able to perform insane-seeming, impossible acts of gymnastic and acrobatic flexibility and dexterity, including flips and twists others would consider impossible.

Parahuman strength - Brandi is strong enough despite her size and build to lift almost two thousand kilograms over her head, and can leg press over three thousand. This strength manifests itself also in her ability to leap impossible distances, averaging 50 meters forward or twenty meters up from a standing start. Despite her strength, she is not by any means invulnerable.
Outstanding FeaturesShe's a hypercurvy and muscley emerald green skunkette! What more could you ask for?

Personality & Background

PersonalityFluffy, loving, outgoing, sweet, and gentle.
LikesSnuggling, hugging, cuddling, friends, good fun, old anime.
DislikesPushy people, rudeness, idiots, idiotic humor, ignorance, and people who "just don't get it", people who feel they need to push their religion (whatever it might be) upon others, those who judge others by their religions, people who think only with their gonads.
LocationSnuggling your tail!!!

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteTails are for SNUGGLING!