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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCinder

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAlternating patterns of of deep red, brilliant orange and fiery yellow feathers that resemble dancing flames.
Hair ColourRed, kept in a mop
Eye ColourDeep green
ClothingOften a halter top and a bohemian style skirt of earth tone colors, all fire-proof of course.
AccessoriesA golden heart-shaped locket that acts like a bag of holding, containing all manner of weird and wonderful magical items and devices though she doesn't always get what she wants. Then again who dose?
WeaponryA Swiss army knife with some odd extras like a giant hammer or a chainsaw just to name a few.
Special AbilitiesConsuming combustible materials makes her grow while fire suppressors make her shrink though in ether case the duration is always random. She's also a Botanist.
Outstanding FeaturesShe smells like cinnamon.

Personality & Background

PersonalityEccentric but friendly with a bombastic personalty and a good heart Cinder honestly means well but doesn't always think things though which often leads to all kinds of spectacular chaos.
LikesMusic, garden, affection, root-beer, cooking, brownies, flowers, cuddling, meeting new folks, hanging out with good friends, and storm flying.
DislikesRules and regulations that just get in the way or punish innocent people, ignorance, greed and trolls. You know all the stuff that ruins a good time.
LocationShe lives in an enchanted cloud floating above the city but goes wherever her curiosity takes her.
OccupationShe owns a green house that specializes in growing exotic and enchanted plants though she often joins up with adventurers in pursuit of rare botanical specimens to add to her collection.