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Vital Statistics!

Character NameJasperton (Jazz)
Height5 feet
Weight110 lbs.
SummaryJasper is a jolteon with a youthful appearance and a frail build. With his grooming habits and muteness, he's often simply written off as shy and effeminate and has been mistaken for a female on several occasions.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourJazz has a plush yellow coat, typical colouring of a jolteon, though his fur is smoothed and combed for a rounded effect all over. When surprised or startled, electricity stimulates his coat to a quill-like rigidity.
Hair ColourYellow; his scalp hair matched that of his coat's dominant colour and is typically combed back. It's scarcely an inch or two above the rest of his coat and kept uniformly trim.
Eye ColourSky blue.
ClothingJasper commonly strikes a balance between formal and casual. He'll often wear a loose-fitting silk or rayon shirt, often white or some bright colour, and trim black dress pants to match. In warmer weather, it's not uncommon for him to wander barefoot with plain black denim or khaki shorts and a buttoned T-shirt. This jolteon also frequently wears protective gloves to be able to shake hands without shocking others and to prevent situations such as accidentally leaving a charge on a metal fixtures, dishes, or short-circuiting appliances he uses.
AccessoriesOn the inside of his right ear, he wears a small diamond stud earring in a silver setting, no larger than a waterdrop. Where it pierces through the back of his ear, it is painted a subtle yellow to disguise it in his fur. Often, the jolteon will wear a silver band around the second largest of his toes, one on each foot and only when barefoot. Sometimes he wears only one and other times neither, depending on his fancy that day.
Beware of brushing against these trinkets, however, as they tend to retain a charge from his body! It's harmless and almost unnoticeable to him, but to others they can provide an unpleasant shock and even leave a burn mark on bare skin.
WeaponryHis ever-ready quills and natural ability to generate and discharge electricity suffice finely; even the sight of a Jolteon's fur erect in agitation is enough of a warning to deter most threats.
Jasper would never risk damaging his precious instruments by using any of them as weapons.
Special AbilitiesAside from his ability to sign, his instrumental preferences, and the natural abilities of his species (See Weaponry), there's nothing much to tell!
Also: Volt Switch, Pin Missile, Agility, Discharge. (Tee hee.)

Personality & Background

PersonalityWhile he's not unfriendly, he can be skittish and it would not be too farfetched to say that he uses his music to interact with others as a barrier. As long as he's playing, he realizes that people will focus on his music more than on him, and it dispels and delays the awkward moment where they discover that he has no voice. He is very conscious of people who treat him differently because of it, though it's a fact he has learned to live with in balance. If he's ever outright belittled for his lack of speech, he's quick to rise and defend himself.
BackgroundJasper, or more fondly known as "Jazz", has been mute nearly all his life. Though he started life crying like any other baby, at roughly a year and a half old, he suddenly went quiet. He never cried again and his parents only ever heard him speak a handful of words and the occasional 'joot' of surprise. As he grew, he took a growing interest in music and learned to play the transverse flute chiefly among a small repetoire of wind and brass instruments. Preferring to stay on his feet and being so frail of body, his fancies drift toward lighter and more portable instruments rather than the ungainly bass types. He spends many an afternoon playing in the park for the pleasure of others, occasionally setting out his case for a few tips when times call for it, earning him his casual moniker, 'Jazz'. In rare moments of fright, he'll sometimes choke out the common utterances of his species, and in such cases he is prone to flee in tears and shame at the sound of his own voice.
LikesSoft music, listening to others, and swimming, to name a few. Jasper also has an affinity for kindred Eevee-types like himself.
DislikesFighting (physical or verbal), people who become frustrated at his signing, waking up early.