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Art by Sioteru

Vital Statistics!

Character NameHaruka Saruwatari
SpeciesKitty-fox hybrid
Weight65kg (143lb)
Summary猿渡遥か Unusual hybrid with a small penchant for fire

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack furred. Ears have purple tips. Tail is a fox tail that is is purple tipped. front of muzzle, neck and chest is grey furred. Legs are a white flame pattern up the leg, paws are white. Arms are black. White from paws goes partway up the arm, forming "fox socks".
Hair ColourPurple. Styled with a fringe that covers most of the face, and drops just below the nose. The back extends past the shoulders
Eye ColourGreen
ClothingBlack T-shirts, light pants/black skinny jeans, Olive-grey hoodie
AccessoriesLocked collar, locked leather cuffs.
WeaponryZippo lighter, Retractable claws
Special AbilitiesPyrokinesis.
Outstanding FeaturesHas a scar which runs down from the right shoulder to the left hip on the back.

Personality & Background

LocationSydenham, VIC, Australia

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