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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRed_Cyberdragon
SpeciesDragon - Hologram
HeightUsually 128-256 feet.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMostly crimson in color with small areas of black stripes decorating his hide, mostly around his biceps, thighs, and sides, all stripes being tapered on both ends and perpendicular to the length of the appendage or body. Golden underbelly that trails from his jaw down his neck and body and along the underside of his tail.
Hair ColourPitch Black, somewhat messy/unkempt mane that flows easily with the wind. Hair tapers down the back of his head to a short, soft fur that runs as a single stripe down along the center of his , along the top of his tail to end in a tuft of fur at the end of it.
Eye ColourBright red, slitted, and glowing
ClothingUsually only slacks, occasionally allows himself the pleasure of footwear.
WeaponryHis broad feet and sharp claws.
Special AbilitiesBeing a digital being, he has complete domain over his advanced holographic simulations grid and his own personal attributes within it. Outside, in the outside world, he is constrained to sizes of powers of 2 and even that limited by his distance from his home/hologrid. As a projection of mass, he can shift his weight to the point of extreme density at a tiny size, or utterly massive, but little more than a balloon, to which his hide is ready to expand to.
Outstanding FeaturesOversized foot paws, black claws atop each of his three toes and four fingers, scaled hide that smooths to a rubbery sheen if necessary.

Personality & Background

LikesPaws, Macro, Micro, Inflation and more.
LocationStomping around southern California.

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