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Karin, as drawn by Nashika

Vital Statistics!

Character NameKarin
SpeciesArcanine Goddess
AgeEarly-mid twenties
HeightInfinitely Variable (6-9 feet for ordinary interactions)
WeightInfinitely Variable
SummaryOnce mortal, Karin was recently granted overwhelming powers and appointed as the guardian goddess of her home universe by a visiting family of deities. She was selected for her kind and caring nature, and strives every day to make any world she visits a better place.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTraditional Arcanine colors.
Hair ColourGolden Blonde.
Eye ColourBlue.
ClothingRed Kimono with black stripes, unless local customs dictate otherwise.
Special AbilitiesIn order to properly serve as guardian and protector of her entire home universe, Karin was granted functionally unlimited Deific powers. In addition, her rapidly-growing popularity among the people she protects combined with her own constant efforts to push herself to her limits are causing her powers to grow further still.
Outstanding FeaturesKarin's ordinary build is one of a toned, feminine figure; strong enough to intimidate enemies while soft enough to be mildly attractive. Karin explicitly prefers to avoid being unnaturally beautiful, for a variety of reasons.

Personality & Background

PersonalityModest, kind, caring, helpful, outgoing, friendly, gentle; Karin's 'IV Nature' is literally 'Benevolent.'
BackgroundKarin was once a small, unassuming young Growlithe Pokemorph. However, because of her personality and kindness, she was chosen as the most suitable candidate in her entire universe for the role of guardian goddess. She was granted incredible powers, and immediately sought to use them for the betterment of all. Currently, she is only the goddess of her home universe, but this may change in the future as she grows more comfortable with her role and powers.
LikesHappy creatures, clean and organized places, belly scratches, being petted.
DislikesViolent and unruly creatures, chaotic destruction.
LocationGenerally somewhere within her home universe, although she has been known to occasionally outgrow it or step away to contact other deities for advice.
OccupationGoddess, Universal Guard Dog.
Additional InfoKarin greatly prefers to manifest in a form, shape, and size which those currently around her would be most comfortable with. However, she is very shy regarding any sort of 'adult' matters, and will likely avoid them.