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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCascii
AgeLooks 17, but noone knows for sure.
HeightUsually around 1 mile, can be bigger, can be smaller.
WeightQuite heavy, considering how large she can be, but rather average for her size.
SummaryA rather friendly, simple macro anthro Ninetales. She has a rather lean body shape, long legs, having a naturally tall shape to her. Her tails are rather large and poofy, being somewhat thicker than her main body together. Her paws are also rather big, and she is sometimes careless, but otherwise careful, not a big fan of crushing and eating everything she sees. However...

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourCascii's fur is mostly black, with little grey accents here and there, the accents sort of scar shaped, but mostly blend in at a distance. She has bright red fur on the tips of her ears, fingers, and tails. Her skin underneath her fur is also red.
Hair ColourHer long, silk like hair is black, much like her fur, although much darker. She has vibrant streaks of red in her hair, especially around the bangs and tips.
Eye ColourCascii's eyes are pure crimson red, without white or pupils.
ClothingThe Ninetales is usually seen wearing a pair of low-riding black denim jeans, along with a red ribboned bra, albeit a size too small for her. She also sometimes wears flip-flops, although not very regularly.
AccessoriesWears a Ruby hair pin, keeping part of her fringe out of the way of her eyes. She also keeps a toe ring on her left paw's biggest toe, a red band for each tail as well a few decorative charms on them, some skulls, some hearts, some moons etc. She also has a belly piercing.
WeaponryNothing really, unless her behind counts, or her paws, or her stomach, or fire.
Special AbilitiesGrow (Self, Limitless), Shrink (Self, Limitless), Grow (Other, Limited to 1K feet), Shrink (Other, Limited, 1/2 an inch), Sizestealing, Fire Abilities, Reincarnation (Self and Other), Transformation (Self and Other, limitless), Very minor psychic and magic powers.
Outstanding FeaturesRed parts on her fur/elsewhere are somewhat bright and glow, her insides, also a beautiful, vibrant crimson red. Her tongue is much longer than normally expected, aswell as an almost unsatiable stomach. ...And each tail has it's own maw...~

Personality & Background

PersonalityBubbly and friendly most of the time, she tries to be careful, and tries her best to keep all her friends out of danger. However, if angered, there is no telling what she will do... noone has ever found out.
LikesShe has quite a few odd interests, mostly being climbed on. She enjoys being cuddled and snuggled, as well as being talked to, and has a lot of love for berries of any kind and size.
DislikesShe has hate for people that ignore her, and/or soak her. Any drop of water that touches her body would send her into an immediate frenzy. Other than that, she hates mean people.
LocationAnywhere she finds comfy to laze about, really.
OccupationMacro Ninetales, duh.
Additional InfoLoves mice... c: