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Vital Statistics!

Character NameVier Reizel
Weight68 lbs
SummaryJust an ordinary, quaint little mouse! She's a nice little girlie, a petite and thin mousie gal, quite friendly and happy. She's an extreme tomboy however, to the point of androgyny. She is one of the girls who binds their chest, wrapping it tightly to make her look completely flat chest, trying to give off a male apperance. With her petite and small, skinny body shape, she is able to pull off a very convincing look, seeming very much like a feminine boy. She doesn't try to hide her gender well, but she appears like a very girly male, and talks in a voice that could trick someone who doesn't pay great attention.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer fur is primarily a purple color, not too deep, but quite vibrant in its own right. It's a majestic purple in the sun, quite beautiful for all to see, but turns to quite a brilliant hue in the evening, or in the dark, giving her a very serene look under the moonlight. But she has her white accents in certain places. Her cheeks, chin, and a bit of her neck have white fur as opposed to purple, as well as the front of her torso, her chest and stomach are white as well. She has white 'freckles' of fur along the tips of her ears, the top of her small little muzzle, her neckline and shoulders, and around her hips, especially on her backside, near the base of her tail. Just as well, on her cheeks.. just under her eyes, there are purple crescent moon markings, though it is not known if they are tattoos or natural fur patterns.
Hair ColourHer hair is a sleek black color, no highlights. She wears it as a tomboy would, somewhat short. Her bangs are only to her eyes, and her hair is to about her neck at the back of her head. Though short, her hair is quite full and thick, and she styles it like a glorified bedhead, giving it a very scruffy look, with a delicate spiked appearance, from rigorous morning styling.
Eye ColourPale Lavender
ClothingShe wears a cute zip up hoodie sweater. It is black and grey striped, with slits for her big round ears in her hood. The sweater is not overly loose, but not TOO form fitting, and definitely aids her disguise of being male, her bound chest making her look completely flat, like a femboy. The sweater has a small collar that she wears up, and has it slightly unzipped at the top, to make room for her white as snow scarf, tightly wrapped around her neck, the long scarf hanging down her body one end dangling down, the other tied around her neck. She wears grey skinny jeans, with a sleek white belt, adorned with a thick silver buckle. Her jeans have bobby pins pushed into the cuffs for style. She wears black converse sneakers, adorned with white laces and white star decals on the sides of them.
AccessoriesShe has one metal ring with a black cross on her left middle finger. One black nose stud, star shaped. One black lip ring, right side of mouth, lower lip. Each ear has two big black studs in them. Silver heart shaped belly piercing.
WeaponryNone, other than being prone to headbutting people and having a razor sharp wit.
Special AbilitiesSuper snarky sarcasm!
Outstanding FeaturesExtreme tomboyism and androgyny, and an veeeery long, sleek white tail, proven to be EXTREMELY prehensile. She also has a very cute set of traditional big buck teeth.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe's a sweet, bubbly girl, showing traits of being a girly girl, but at the same time, she's also extremely brash and blunt, quite unbecoming for a girl. She can be nice and friendly with everyone she meets, giving almost everyone one good chance to be close, but can quickly flipflop her disposition and treat people rather badly if they prove to be mean or self-absorbed. That being said though, she has a bit of an ego, and can be EXTREMELY sarcastic herself. She really enjoys playing with and teasing her friends .. a lot. She speaks bluntly, not mixing her words, and speaks before she thinks, getting her into a lot of trouble, but always tells it like she is. Also has an interesting vocabulary, mixing slang with excessively proper vernacular. She also tends to have a HELL of a temper, she's a real firecracker who can snap full blown angry within an instant. She can be quite moody at times as well, flopping back and forth between dispositions.
BackgroundNothing special. Lived a normal life with a good ol' family.
LikesEating a lot, coffee, friends, video games, anime, cold weather, walking long distances, chatting casually, chocolate, milkshakes, scarves, fancy jackets, colorful fashion, fuzzy things, socks, paws, felines, Pokemon, cuddling and snuggling, enjoying a good drink now and then, flirting
DislikesWork, ketchup, self-absorbed people, druggies, people who are angry with her for no reason, blood, drama
LocationThe frigid North. She's a snow-loving mousie.
OccupationFast food cashier. Yes, she hates it.
Additional InfoDon't call her a rattata. She also very much enjoys her name, and is proud to have a male name.

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