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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDarvi Ilusio
SpeciesRitas (skunk-fox-weasel alien)
Height166 cm (5ft 5in)
Weight90.4 kg (200 lbs)
SummaryHuge black-furred fennec ears splay wide from underneath a mop of unruly platinum hair that flows down to her butt, a center lock falling between her eyes almost to her long, pointed, vulpine muzzle, itself tipped with a pink nose and long whiskers. Her face bears the unmistakable markings of a skunk and a white mask like an inverted ferret over her eyes. Her huge eyes are colored an odd yellow-green and are slit-pupiled, the color going all the way to the edges, like a lemur.
Her body is curvy but not impossibly so, the fur thick around her shoulders, elbows, butt and knees. Between her F-cup breasts is a floof that is as unruly as her hair. The rest of her fur is short, maybe two centimeters in length. Black in most places, she sports white gloves, socks, and from under her muzzle to down her tummy and halfway down her legs, curving under to a heart-shaped marking on her butt and the underside of her fluffy, immense skunk tail. Wherever she is not shaggy, her body has whipcord-tight lithe muscles, hard and defined. Her hips are wide and her legs solid and heavy, leading to the long-toed feet common to ferrets.
Darvi's tail is this super-fluffy striped mass, with a spade-like mark in the center of it and the tip tapering to a white end, like a fox's. This tail is amazingly prehensile and mobile, and strong enough to lift her and another person together.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack and white fur, short most places, but with shaggy tufts at shoulders, elbows, knees, between her breasts, and her tail base.
Hair ColourPlatinum-white hair which tumbles down her back in a wave. In the front, one wayward lock seems to always manage to fall between her eyes to the base of her muzzle.
Eye ColourDarvi's eyes are an almost-fluorescent yellow-green, a few shades darker than that of a Highlighter marker, and have vertical pupils like a fox. The color, though, goes all the way to the edges of her eyes, and no whites are visible.
ClothingDarvi wears a pale blue long-sleeved fur-tight high-collared leotard with hexagon-cell patterning in white, the whole thing having that iridescence like one sees on rainbow plastic. Over this she wears a medium-gray sleeveless tunic with front-panel skirt, clasps are in black, straps are a bright teal green. Gloss-white forearm guards are worn leading to a set of fingerless gloves in white with safety orange back and wrist strap, black buckles. The tunic is buckled at her waist by a "utility belt" style belt, having many compartments for stuff to be held in. Mid-thigh fur-tight pale blue leggings with the same pattern and iridescence as on her bodysiuit are bolstered by solid-looking armored knee pads and shin-bracers in gloss white with bright teal green accents.

The entire of this outfit is smartmatter, and can change form, color, and texture at a whim or thought. It is also one gigantic networked computer unit, one with tremendous processing power.
AccessoriesDarvi has tons of little ultratech knicknacks in her belt, too many to list or name. Aside from this she wears a trio of rainbow-hued stud earrings in the bottom curve of each ear. She also sports a tongue piercing.
WeaponryDarvi doesn't really carry weaponry, but has utility gear (as she calls it) that can undoubtedly double as such, including welding gel (and a system to heat materials to near-fusion temperatures to cut or weld ultra-hard materials)
Special AbilitiesDarvi can lift and carry 350 kilograms.

Claws - On her slightly feet and hands are retractable claws. These claws are naturally nearly razor sharp, and seem to always keep themselves that way. They are also strong enough and long enough to aid her in climbing trees.

Darvi has a neural net (nnet), an nanotech copy of her own brain's neural layout, adaptive and changing as she changes, laced into her own brain and down through her spine. Through this and other diffuse cybernetics laid down in diamondoid, this allows her wireless, firewalled, and secure communication with most machines.

On this advanced neural net Darvi, like most galactics, runs an Agent software, a low-end, non-sentient artificial intelligence that acts like her secretary and personal assistant, screening all emails, handling looking things up for her, and essentially being a helpful background persona. In places which have cellphone access, her Agent will handle assigning her a number and seeing to it that all calls route through its' virtual self.

Darvi is generally fearless of heights, and is very strong and quite agile.

Darvi can transparently interface with computers, moving through dataspace in a way undetectable to most people with equipment less sophisticated than her own. This obviates the need for physical equipment of this nature. This same equipment allows her to send and receive messages and in general link into most forms of information system, up to and including cybernetic parts provided their support computer is of reasonable complexity. Her infiltration systems can, in close (approximately 2 meter) proximity allow her to "hack" into a person's cyberware and bioware and take it over, essentially puppeting the person involved. Note though that this requires intense concentration and at minimum a datalink meant for information interchange plus its' attendant built-in neural processor, and cannot be used on someone with no cybernetics.
Outstanding FeaturesA curvy ultratech hybrid-form fuzzball isn't enough?!

Personality & Background

PersonalityFluffy, loving, outgoing, sweet, and gentle.
LikesSnuggling, hugging, cuddling, friends, good fun.
OccupationExplorer and scout