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Lynceus' model sheet

Vital Statistics!

Character NameLynceus Glaciermaw
SpeciesFeline Halfdragon
Height7 feet 2 inches
Weightaround 300 lbs
SummaryA big, friendly male ice dracat

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourScales - light blue ("Glaciermaw blue") Fur depends on the season. Summer coat: White with light gray spotting. Winter coat: Brilliant, pure white. Runes (Tattoos): Black
Hair ColourBrilliant Azure Blue
Eye ColourBright Emerald Green
ClothingUsually clad in his traditional loincloth with the symbol of his father's village on it, as a nod to the other half of his heritage. Sometimes wears sparring leathers with it. At certain times he might wear a heavy leather kilt. Sometimes he wears his full Glaciermaw clan armor, the mark of a Glaciermaw Sentinel.
AccessoriesSometimes wears a glowing blue spiked collar, made of a glasslike substance magically crafted from ice. A gift from his mother when he left home. He treasures it.
WeaponryDoesn't always carry his weapons. Azure Wind - a heavy 8' bo staff with blue gems set in both ends. Nightbane - a thin, scimitar-like one-handed sword. Usually wielded in tandem with Solshard. Sheathed in a scabbard at his hip. Solshard - A defensive tonfa-style blade designed to be wielded in the same manner as a shield, but can be flipped around in his fist for a stab or slash. Usually in a sheath strapped to his hip.
Special AbilitiesIcebreathing - Can both inhale and expel ice into a small third lung due to his dragon heritage. Cryomancy - the hallmark ability of a Glaciermaw dragon. This skill allows Lynceus to manipulate ice from both his own icebreath and any ice near him. Solshaping - The black tattoo-like markings on his back and biceps are dragon Sol runes infused into his flesh, giving him a basic ability to absorb and manipulate solar energy. The rune infusion also inherently grants him some protection against physical injury. Lifeweaving - His mother taught him the art she was a master at, the ability to augment and affect life energies - usually for purposes of healing. He's not as powerful of a lifeweaver as his mother, however, despite having the permanent life energy infusion in his body caused by being her son.
Outstanding FeaturesMostly the fact that he's a distinct halfbreed - the physical manifestations of his dragon half, as well as his height, make him rather distinct. The effects of the life magic infusion on his body are rather distinct as well, though he doesn't usually allow these to be seen.

Personality & Background

PersonalityEasygoing and slow to anger. He has a guardian's attitude - a desire to protect and a paternal instinct. He does not, however, tolerate injustice or seeing someone subjugated. Lynceus would interrupt a rape with near-deadly force.
BackgroundUnceremoniously birthed into a snowbank in the high Italian mountains, Lynceus is an odd hybrid of a canadian lynx and ice dragon. He grew up among the ice dragons of the Glaciermaw clan, where his mother was an authority on life magic. His feline father had lived in Canada. Lynceus' mother summoned a planeshifter, Miana, to allow her to visit her husband any time she wished, and so that Lynceus did not miss out on having a father as he grew up. Later his father moved to Glaciermaw Ridge. Repeated injuries while attempting to build up his weak flying muscles prompted Lynceus' mother to have Sol magic runes infused into his body to grant him some amount of physical protection. These runes remain today, appearing as tattoos on his biceps and back. Lynceus eventually became a Glaciermaw Sentinel in the clan, and after that, a solider in the Ordo Imperialis Terra division. He eventually met and fell in love with a pop star names Lunamira Chantrelle, and the two married and moved to a forest home where they live with Lunamira's pet Pharagrim and Lynceus' familiar Miana. Lynceus & Luna have been married four years and as of yet they have no children.
LikesFriendly and honest communication, good will.
DislikesInjustice, immaturity, people deliberately trying to aggravate others
OccupationDecurion Sergeant, Ordo Imperialis Terra Division Hunter and family provider when not on duty
Additional InfoDue to the unusual nature of Lynceus' parentage, he is the product of a bad case of genetic crossed wires. The natural life magic energies infused into his body thanks to his mother's skill in the art have permanently infused a hyper-virile state into his body, giving him greater virility than a dragon more than twice his size. This sometimes can be a nuisance, like the fact that he is basically unable to wear most pants. Long periods of time between "drainings" can also make things even more uncomfortable for him.

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