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I drew this with minor help from a how-to-draw anime book

Vital Statistics!

Character NameAx Salend
Weight165 LBS.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAx has semi-short stripes that don't streatch accross his face. The don't line up, either. He has orange fur, and his stripes are black
Hair ColourAx has Flame-red hair that he tends to keep spiked up. Noone knows how he fits it into helmets.
Eye ColourAx has Amber-orange eyes.
ClothingAx wears blue jeans and normally wears shirts of the football team he plays for.
AccessoriesAx wears a bag with a helmet in it, for some odd reason. He keeps a picture of his dad, who got shot down in Iraq.
WeaponryAx mainly uses his claws, and will enter with a football tackle possibly.
Special AbilitiesOther than the abilities from being a tiger anthro, none.
Outstanding FeaturesAx has a hole in his left ear, from when he nearly killed himself after his dad died.

Personality & Background

PersonalityAx plays the cool guy, but is actually very helpful and pretty book-smart, as well as streat-smart. When preasure gets too much, however, Ax can be a clasic bully.
BackgroundAx came from a good family, with his dad as a hero, Ax wanted to become a piolet when he grew up to be like his dad. One unfortionate day, when his dad, Frank, was deployed in Iraq, he was killed. Ax was heartbroken. He attempted to kill himself, but realized his mom would need him. He narrowly avoided death, and doctors saved him, but he now has a hole in his left ear as a reminder.
LikesFootball; Planes; Jets; protecting the innocent
DislikesBullies, that includes him when he acts like one; Iraq; Being an outsider
LocationAx grew up in the anthro version of the town I, the creator of him, grew up in; Mascoutah, Illinois. Sadly, I no longer live there. He now lives in San francisco.
OccupationFootball player; student
Additional InfoSome things about Ax are based on me, Where he grew up, his dad in the air force, football. However, my dad doesn't fly the planes, and he's alive.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Never give up."