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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAkomachi Kami
SpeciesKitsune (Myobu)
AgeUnknown, but likely in the range of millenia
Height6' (variable)
SummaryAkomachi (Ako for short) is an overwhelmingly powerful Myobu Kitsune- that is, a kitsune who has willingly dedicated their life in the service of the kitsune Goddess Inari, and vowed to assist her efforts to bring life and happiness to the world. Almost all of her power is hidden away by powerful paper seals, and can be regained by destroying the appropriate slip.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer fur is sunrise-yellow, but several red markings adorn her body as well: large outlines surrounding her eyes, Kanji characters on the back of her hands, and a sunrise pattern in the center of her forehead.
Hair ColourN/A (normally)
Eye ColourRed, with black pupils.
ClothingA snow-white kimono given to her by Inari.
Special AbilitiesAkomachi has powers comparable to many deities (although she is not technically a deity herself). In normal interactions, however, she only has abilities on par with an ordinary kitsune of her age. In order to simplify her existence, Akomachi keeps the vast majority of her powers sealed away in small paper slips marked with ancient seals. Destroying a slip will unlock whatever facet of her powers it contained. Repairing it will seal them again.
Outstanding FeaturesVaries depending on seals currently unlocked.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery formal and polite, but sneaky and cunning. She isn't cruel, but absolutely LOVES playing games and tricks with others. She is a kitsune, after all.
LikesInari's happiness; Cunning; playfulness;
DislikesInari's displeasure; people who won't play along;
OccupationWilling, grateful, and well-rewarded servant of Inari AEsir