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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTeren Sagewind
SummaryJust a (mostly) harmless dragon who eats, reads and occasionally tramples a city flat.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourScale color is green, a darker shade in some places moreso than others.
Hair ColourHair? What's hair?
Eye ColourOcean blue, sometimes purple. You should be concerned, when they're purple.
ClothingUsually just some pants and sometimes a scarf. Hardly ever a shirt. Shirts are hard.
AccessoriesWings, horns, dragon fangs. Those are accessories, right?
WeaponryNuthin'! I'm harmless!
Special AbilitiesCan shrink or grow himself now and then. Sometimes he can shrink others when he feels like. Whether or not he'll bring them back to normal size later depends on his mood or if they aren't trampled already yet.
Outstanding FeaturesDem muscles! Just look at that figure!

Personality & Background

PersonalityTeren's a pretty chill dragon, but he also has underlying mischievous tendencies. He knows ways to get what he wants.
BackgroundHatched and raised out in the mountains. Got bored of that, so he moved into the city and became a sushi chef with a little DJ mixing on the side for fun. He tries his best not to ruin the restaurant he works in when he goes on rampages.
LikesTrampling, smushing, shrinking others, messing around with others, listening to music, playing games and reading books.
DislikesArrogant people who think they're the shiz. Seriously, no.
LocationSan Francisco is his hometown.
OccupationSushi Chef
Additional InfoScarves are cool.

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