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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTeeka Ashvarri
Height160 cm (5 feet 3 inches)
Weight141 kilograms (311 pounds)
SummaryA short gray mouse with mid-back-length black hair, her front dyed metallic purple and peridot-green eyes in a pleasant, smiling, seemingly innocent face. Poking out from under the hair is a pair of truly immense ears, looking nearly comical in their size and sporting from the bottom up an earring, an ear cuff with faux lab tag, three stud earrings, and finally a gauge.
Below this almost child-like face is a compact, short body most would term hyper-curved. Her torso is dominated by a pair of truly immense, firm, bouncy breasts which jut straight out, maybe 140 cm across total, obscuring most of her front, while her back is shapely and hardbody-sculpted. Her arms, too, are lithe and tight, looking like those of someone who has worked out a lot. Not huge, but with near-perfect definition showing through the fur. Under the tremendous chest is a tight tummy, very thick with muscle but not heavily defined, but any movement that tenses her tummy slightly will make hard, solid, thick abs stand out heavily.
Almost comically-wide hips and a giant, curvy butt lead to thick, muscled thighs, all tight heavy curves like a gymnast pumped up to an insane degree, just enough definition there to show the muscles, thick and solid even when relaxed, leading to incredibly immense calves which taper down to pink mouse feet. From the back, just above her extremely ample rear end, extends a thin tail maybe twice the length it should be.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAn overall light battleship gray.
Hair ColourBlack falling to mid-back, there cut straight across. In the front, two bangs fall to her chest, and a shaggy left-brushed fluff sit, all dyed in metallic purple.
Eye ColourPeridot green, huge and innocent-looking.
ClothingDark gray carbon-fiber-patterned shrug with a high collar and a bright-yellow scoop-fronted half-T under it. The T-shirt is sized to just BARELY cover, length-wise, the bottom of her breasts, which are visible if she leans back. Nothing hides the outline of immense nipples under the fabric nor the outline of massive rings there. From the top of the shirt indecent amounts of cleavage can be seen. Beneath this, her tight, solid tummy is shown off.
Elastic-fit dark gray shorts with that same carbon-fiber pattern wrap tightly around her hips, hugging her big round butt like a second skin, the front scooping indecently low to show off the top of a bright-yellow high-leg bikini bottom underneath. The sides of the shorts have a narrow stripe running down them in neon-bright sun yellow. At the back the pants wrap over her tail. Almost knee-high dark gray spat-boots are worn, clinging tight to her immense calves, accenting their sheer size, the carbon-fiber motif continuing here as well. Buttons up the outside are in winking-bright gold. The front of the boots is solid carbon fiber cut to resemble light techno-armor plating. The spat-boots leave her heels and her toes free as they taper down to wrap under her arches.
AccessoriesMassive thick nipple rings show through her top in outline only.

Multiple earrings, from the bottom up: a gold hoop earring, an bright silver ear cuff with faux lab tag, three stud earrings in gold with green gems in them, and finally a thick gauge.

A highly-polished black carbon-fiber tail-band almost 6" end to end is close-fit to the last 1/3 of her tail.

Maybe more, but nothing seen in public.

A top of the line ultratech tablet computer specialized for engineering and physics simulations, especially explosives of all sorts (including nuclear).
WeaponryCarries usually some small explosives on her, stuff stable enough to not go off without an ignitor/blasting cap. These too she has, plus small high-tech radio detonators.
Special AbilitiesTeeka is almost five times as strong as a 1.8m (6 foot) tall adult human male in maximum peak physical condition (despite her prodigious chest size and diminutive height). Because of this she can bench press 755 kg (1665 pounds) and leg-press 1009 kg (2225 pounds).

Teeka is a fully-trained specialist in demolitions and explosive ordnance disposal, with all that those skills entail.

Teeka is a fully-licensed Pleasurer, meaning that she can inflict enormous amounts of pleasure, even kill with it if she must. She is also able to handle inhuman, impossible amounts of said same.
Outstanding FeaturesHer chest, her strength, the fact she's young and an EOD/Demo specialist...

Personality & Background

PersonalityLoving, cuddly, bouncy, happy, and a hedonist of the first water.
OccupationAcrobat and gymnast, EOD/Demolitions specialist, Licensed Pleasurer (Class 2 Guild License)