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Vital Statistics!

Character NameFelicia
SummaryFelicia hails from another planet in the universe and has come to earth to start her life over with a clean slate. With nothing but her clothing on her back and her fathers wedding ring Felicia sets out to find a life that was made for her.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourOrange with white gray belly/inner thigh/mouth. Black shins and wrists.
Hair ColourRed
Eye ColourBlue
AccessoriesHer fathers wedding ring
WeaponryClose quarters weaponry such as Knives and daggers.
Special AbilitiesHer antenna emit a body altering substance that is strictly based on a fight or flight response. Her eyes also change to a from normal to a slit pupil to compensate the change.
Outstanding FeaturesHer Antenna

Personality & Background

PersonalityFelicia is an open and friendly person. Her mindset is more geared to helping others than offensive measures. Although her intentions are pure this has lead to negative results, a few have been life threatening.
BackgroundFelicia was born on a distant planet where she lived with her father, Urien. Due to Urien's old age he felt Felicia needed someone to take care of her. Though he her best intentions in mind Urien had offered his daughters hand to a wealthy Miner named Kane: person who had nearly raped Felicia 11 years before. Mortified Felicia knew she couldnt stay there any longer, and with her father's age and vitality there was little she could do. A few days short of her wedding her father passed away. Filled with grief she used her last remaining resources to steal a ship and fled her planet rather than staying there. Upon hearing of Felicia's departure Kane placed a bounty on Felicia's head, seeing her as his property already he felt that if he couldnt have her, no one would. The only way her life will be spared is if she returns willingly to Kane.
LikesPlaying the piano Incubus Dressing up in costumes Riding motorbikes Watching Movies Cuddling
DislikesPeople grabbing her Antenna Aggressive people Unnecessary killings Emo pop culture. (live life dont be upset about it) Always starting conversations

Just for Fun