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a pic of Flash drawn by Stampy!

Vital Statistics!

Character NameFlash
SpeciesArcanine Anthro
Weight241.07 pounds
SummaryFlash is an Anthro Arcanine that requires nanites to live.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourArcanine colouration with similar patterns
Hair Colourvery similar to an Arcanine's "hair"
Eye ColourBlue
ClothingUsually an Orange t-shirt, and black pants.
AccessoriesHas a PDA that he always has with him, it will be very unlikely to see him without it.
WeaponryFire Attacks?
Special Abilities-Has the typical Flash Fire ability, powering up his fire moves, like any pokemon that has said ability. -Adaptability. he can adapt rather dramatically thanks to the nanites in his system, he doesnt know this fact at this point of time.
Outstanding FeaturesAsside of being an anthro arcanine? none

Personality & Background

PersonalityFlash is usualy kind to others, and will assist when there is obvious need for it. Ever since his change, he does tend to be a bit more... wanting to enjoy life more, as he almost lost it once.
BackgroundFlash... or rather, Adam White as he was called while human, had a decent life, never excelled in studies, but did well enough to earn slightly above averages. His father is a CEO of Nanite Industries, a firm that works with microscopic robots for various applications, so they never where short on money, wich allowed him to apply himself in various interests. However, he did wish he'd see his father a bit more. His mother was your typical house wife, until he was old enough to do chores on his own. Then, his mother decided to work part time in a small business to keep her from being lonely. He enrolled himself in college to further his learning, and graduated with good marks from a Robotics course, so that he might potentially one day replace his father in Nanite Inustries. 1 year ago, he was returning after a camping trip with his classmates from college had planned. During the trip, he suddenly fell ill with a high fever without warning. Unfortunately for him, he had missed his train for the return trip, and had no place to stay the night, so stayed outside. Thankfully, it was a clear night, so he thought it would be an extra night under the stars. It was not enjoyable, and in the middle of the night, his fever peaked to rediculous levels, to the point he was dizzy. After such, he would black out after some time. When he awoke, his senses where assaulted by anomalies. His body felt alien to him, not to mention he felt like crap. He would soon realise he was no longer human, infact, he looked alot like an Arcanine, and anthro one at least. He found it dificult to get used to his new body. However, he would also notice his healt deteriorate alarmingly quickly. after about a day, he would find himself crippled by constant pain, untill he would black out once again, while beleiving to hear voices and running. The next thing he would know, he would awake in a lab, feeling as good as he could possibly be. Lab technicians arrived to explain his situation. He was very lucky to have survived, he was dying, due to internal organs failing to maintain bodilly functions. They also informed him that they had to resort in a experimental technology to save his life. From what he could understand, they had injected nanites in his system to help maintain his bodilly functions, and they must not be removed for him to continue to live. They mentionned replication and a few other terms that didnt make a whole lot of sense. The one thing that was clear however, was if the nanites would fail, he would die. As such, they gave him a PDA with a nanite monitoring software, and reboot function, in the event abnomalities with the nanites where to occur. He was instructed to head to the nearest Hospital so replacement nanites and PDAs could be shipped to him as quickly as possible, in the event something broke that he couldnt fix himself. To this day, he has gotten accustomed to his new body and gotten to like it, and has addapted his life as best he could. Wether he could go back to his plans to further his knowledge in robotics as planned, or choose a different path, difficult choices for sure.
LikesHas taken getting used to, but he likes what he has become. He also seems to like spicy food more than he used to. He also likes to work at things that make a differance, even though it may take a long time to accomplish.
DislikesHe dislikes not knowing when he could die, it could be in an hour, it could be in 50 years or more. He dislikes poeple that take advantage on others. And most of all... this goes without saying, he doesnt like water all that much anymore!
LocationSince his change, he has started to travel quite a bit, while trying to find himself in life.
OccupationHas completed firts part in a Robotics course in college, however, since his change and the trauma he's gotten in as a result, he isnt quite sure what he should be doing.

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