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Vital Statistics!

Character NameVex Arcade
SpeciesArctic Fox
Height5 ft 9
Summaryan invincible demi-god with over the top powers and abilities that loves to playfully tease and annoy people, but never to be spiteful. Loves being toyed with by macros, especially the playfully mean ones with big appetites. that said, he two can change his size, he just prefers to be the play thing :3 His weak spot is his tail, don't ruffle the fur! X3

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMainly pure white fur with black tips and speckles on his ears.
Hair ColourCrazy white hair with black tips
Eye ColourVery very pale clear crystal blue/purple
Clothingmost common appearence is baggy black and white pants with hexagon patterns on the inner leg. Black vest with white stripe, but often topless. black and white headband with long tassel ends. black and white fingerless gloves. sometimes he will wear sneakers and a jacket, but very rare he does as being an arctic fox, he doesn't feel the cold much.
AccessoriesThick beaded pendent with large silver pendant. A crest/ powerlimiter on his forhead thats hidden under his head band. this if for eveyone elses protection.
Weaponry Sword of cerberus. a sword thats twice the size of his body and can combine with his own power to cut through anything.......... but often used as a tooth pic by others XD
Special AbilitiesBorn of a different world, his abilities seem limitless.
Outstanding FeaturesImmortal, invincible and to top it off, he has 3 different infinite powers, dark, light and blue-una.

Personality & Background

PersonalityCompletely carefree and bit of a showoff. His attention span is pretty short, so he does tend to go out his way to annoy and tease, but never to be spiteful. he's very playful and always up for adventure. slighty old fashioned shovenistic in the sense that he will never hit, hurt or ever attack girls, no matter what they do.... guys on the other hand are just rivals and things to compete with! XD
BackgroundHis farther is a being beyond what we call the gods, his mother's are 3 triplets that merge to form cerberus. his farther knocked them all up and then they all merged, combining 3 babies into a single permanently merged being. his farther having infinite power and his mothers have 3 unique powers is the reason for his over the top abilities. Vex's mothers were killed shortly after his birth and vex was sent to grow up in the mortal realm, under the guidence of a mighty warrior known as Gommeroth... who is probably the most manly, shovenistic and uncaring person this world has to offer. over time, Vex found his feet and now wanders around aimlessly looking for adventure and accidently making a bad name for himself as his heroics are thought out very well.
LikesPlain fresh made bread. Chilli. ice cream. Snow and water. Beating down bad guys. adventure and exploring. teasing villans. Jungles. caves. the ocean and being under water. Treasures. laying while gazing at the stars, or a grand landscape. His own fuzzy tail. Loves Macro girls toying with him, especially the playfully mean and hungry ones.
Dislikesthe taste and smell of coffee. Monkeys/chimps/apes. Elves. Deserts. Blood n' gore. horror movies. Guns. being egnored and ignorant ill mannered people. Hates his tail getting mistreated, or dirty.
LocationPlanet Arctix. A large Dome on hiis own planet, about the size of the Earths moon. its an endless everchanging wasteland of sculpted crystal ice moutains and snow planes, spread across thousands of small islands on a very deep ocean. The ocean bed is also ice. Stangely, the weather is often sunny and clear, but always cold.
OccupationWandering Adventurer/ treasure hunter/ slayer/ bounty hunter/ bodyguard/ warrior for hire.
Additional InfoLoves to be mawled. toyed with and even eaten by big girls, knowing they can never really do him any damage. His only weakness's are being tickled, hit offguard in the groin. Treating him like a monster/demon always makes him feel bad. He loves his spikey hair, long ears and tail, so attack them and he'll take it personally. >:3

Just for Fun

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