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Tyrnn Eaveranth, the Emerald Dragon

Vital Statistics!

Character NameTyrnn Eaveranth
SpeciesEmerald Dragon
Age30 (give or take a few millenia)
Height70 meters
Weight285 kilotonnes
SummaryI'm a college student who's stuck around a little too long in the learning phase of life, and I'm getting ready to finally test the waters of a career in the video game industry as an artist and animator.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourEmerald Green
Hair Colourn/a
Eye ColourTopaz yellow, though it reflects mood
ClothingOccasionally some oversized denim jeans, somewhat shredded from repeated repairs.
AccessoriesGolden featureless anklet and bracelet, on left leg and right arm respectively.
WeaponryAlmost everything you can think of as a dragon's 'weapons'
Special AbilitiesCalculus and Photoshop
Outstanding FeaturesBig. Usually stands over 100 feet tall, 355 feet long.

Personality & Background

PersonalityThis world amuses me. I will not destroy it completely, and will repair any damage my playtime causes. Usually. ...on second thought I will destroy it completely, but fix it when I feel like it.
BackgroundCreated long ago as a Perfect Weapon, he was mindlessly crafted to wage war against his creators' foes. He was internally wired to equate destruction and devastation with sheer ecstasy and rapture, and thus became uncontrollably violent. Endlessly powerful, he shattered not only his target, but eventually his creators as well. He continued, permanently obliterating every scrap of their existence and most of his home galaxy. By the time there was nothing left, and Tyrnn had nothing to do but rage inpotently against the void. Time passed, and over the millenia his fires cooled, and he realized what exactly he had done, and howled with abyssal sorrow. He began to gain intelligence and honed his mind slowly into sentience, into peace and harmony, nearly achieving enlightenment... but instead of ascending, his base urges continued to weigh him down, his programming demanding destruction of everything he could find... thus he locked himself away, and today seeks out friendship and family in the galaxies he travels. Judicious use of Time Magic allows him to vent his carnal self upon civilization, and repair the damage as if it never happened. As long as he can keep himself in check, the world will continue towards its destination, and both he and the civilizations he visits will thrive.
LikesDestruction, domination, kangaroos World of Warcraft, Animation, Art
DislikesShoes, Licensed characters doing macro things out of their character, humans
LocationEverywhere... though his player is usually around Redmond, WA
OccupationStudent, but hoping for a career soon.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"SKREEOOOONK" - Godzilla

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