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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLiska z'Eshrai
Height168 cm (5 feet 6 inches)
Weight135 kg (298 pounds)
SummaryAn adorable rabbit face, huge red eyes, long blond hair, giant muscled legs, wide hips, a trim, muscled tummy, and massive beach ball boobs, long long ears and a massive puffy cottontail.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight brown fur, cream underbelly, pink inside her ears.
Hair ColourGolden blond, worn in a pushed-back thick shag to her hips
Eye ColourRuby red
ClothingClose-fitting full-face armored rabbit mask with glowing-red optics, a chest plate, shoulder guards, bracers, armored bikini bottom, and greaves, worn atop a fishnet mesh bodysuit. Out of armor wears a silken white long-sleeve shirt, brown half-pants tucked into semi-armored knee-high boots in dark gray, open-toed.
AccessoriesEarrings: 12mm gauge, two hoop rings, three studs, one industrial. Has body piercings, can't say what at PG-13. Gold and black pearlescent enamel thumb ring on both thumbs. Orange-red spiky "V" fur tattoo on her back.
WeaponryFoldable MAR (Magnetic Accelerator Rifle): clips provide ammo and power source (via Hawking M-Sink). 10 rounds per clip, ammo is KPI (Kinetic Penetrating Incendiary) and hits as hard as a 30mm round, is armor piercing, and sets things on fire. Telescope and computer-assisted scope allows for night engagements, IR viewing, and precision fire out to 3,000 meters.

Sharp sharp claws on hands and feet, kept long, clean, polished, and nearly razor-edged.

Collapsible staff: ends can shift between an enhanced-knockback effect, normal, or become edged with spear-like knife-edged diamond-coated blades at the end.

Can kick like a hydraulic ram (can seriously injure or kill a normal unarmored human). Her kicks are powerful enough to deform three centimeter thick mild rolled sheet steel without significant effort, and at her hardest they can and have deeply deformed five centimeter thick mild rolled steel
Special AbilitiesLeaping: Liska can engage in inhuman leaps, can jump 20 meters straight up or 50 meters across from a standing start, 30 meters up and 75 meters across with a running start.

Hyperagile, able to perform insane-seeming, impossible acts of gymnastic and acrobatic flexibility and dexterity, including flips and twists others would consider impossible.

Liska is also approximately six times stronger than a full-grown adult human male standing six feet tall and in excellent physical condition. She can lift approximately one thousand kilograms over her head and leg-press fifteen hundred kilos.

Cloaking: can go invisible to visual, IR, UV, passive and active microwave and radar. System will dampen sounds and limits scent. Weapon fire disengages this cloak.

Personality & Background

BackgroundRabbits served as high-speed LRRP scout/snipers during the Great War, taking Earth from the Demons and making it safe for Man and the Gods. The scouts themselves, distinct in their armors, would operate as mid-range sniping and support to smaller raiding parties, the Lapines operated as the forward eyes and ears for strike units, giving them an extra added bit of firepower and overwatch.
LikesQuiet, relaxation, and in a fit of opposition to ALL that, the blood and guts of demons blasted across the battlefield and their corpses littered about in piles. Physical contact like hugging and snuggling, intelligence, good humor, wit.
DislikesFriendlies dead or wounded, Demonic victories, retreats, noise and ruckus when she is in her off-time. Pushy people, rudeness, idiots, people who think only with their gonads.
LocationStanding in front of you, likely.
OccupationScout, sniper, and in opposition a bunny cuddleslut par extraordinaire.