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Vital Statistics!

Character NameToki A. (Arctica) Rose
SpeciesVulpes Vulpes (Red Fox)
Height5' 10"
SummaryToki is loyal to his friends and very deadly to anyone who attempts to harm them physically and or emotionally, he will go to any length to selflessly save those he cares for. Toki is single and has never been in a relationship because he tends to be a loner, however he still wishes to one day find his true love.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourToki is red, with standard black fox markings, and a white stomach, the white extends downwards between his legs to his backside where it ends in the shape of a heart accentuating his girly hips.
Hair ColourToki has no hair, only the fur that covers his scalp.
Eye ColourIcy blue/grey with small spikes of vibrant yellow around his pupils.
ClothingToki wears a tight black tank top with a red and black striped bandana around his neck, underneath he wears a black net tank top. He also wears black worn out cargo pants loosely suspended by his chain belt with a which he wears low to slightly expose his red and black striped boxers. He sometimes wears his worn black combat boots but generally prefers wearing no shoes.
AccessoriesToki loves jewelry and is never seen without something shiny on. He loves silver and almost always wears a ring, a bracelet, chains on his pants, a beautiful watch, and a chain mail necklace. Toki has his left ear pierced with three small loop earrings. Toki also carries a black messenger bag with him nearly everywhere he keeps his most precious belongings within it.
WeaponryToki carries a pistol concealed inside a holster which he wears inside the back of his pants. He also carries a knife which hangs from his belt in a black sheath.
Special AbilitiesToki can see and read the auras of others. He can also focus his own aura's energy to heal himself and others.
Outstanding FeaturesToki can expose his own aura to others which gives him a glowing appearance which changes with his emotions.

Personality & Background

PersonalityToki is shy, independent, smart, stealthy, sly, eccentric, patient, creative, romantic, quiet, cynical, emotional, pessimistic, and jaded.
BackgroundToki is based off of a real person, if you meet him you may learn his background.
LikesToki likes gloomy places, music, Autumn, Winter, love, stormy weather (not rain), singing, and nature.
DislikesToki dislikes stupidity, idiocy, hypocrisy, onions, hatred, summer, spring, and society.
LocationToki is a wandering soul and does not often stay in one place for long, but he prefers staying in the North where it is snowy and or cold.
OccupationToki does not have an actual occupation, he works wherever he can find good pay but since he tends to wander he hardly ever works for more than a few months in the same place.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteA fox is a wolf who sends flowers.