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All credit goes to mikha, who was kind enough to do this for me :3 <3

Vital Statistics!

Character NameKitty Kuna
Height5 2
SummaryKitty is a raccoon/cat who's been through a lot in life, however, she's a bright and shiny person in spite of that. She was named Kitty because of her cat like tendency to be very independent, and the way she stretches after a nap all curled up on the couch. Always willing to lend an ear or a paw, she's someone anyfur can depend on!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMiss Kuna's fur is a dark maroon mixed with pale powder pink in the pattern typical of raccoons. Her mask is the only difference in color, as she dyes it black.
Hair ColourKitty's hair color changes depending on when you see her. One week it may be hot pink, the next blue, and then she'll change it to orange. Currently, it's a dark purple with black tips.
Eye ColourKitty's eyes are hazel, and may appear greenish or brown, depending on the way the light hits them.
ClothingYou're most likely to find her in a comfy pair of bootcut jeans and a t-shirt with her boyfriend's ACU blouse thrown over it as a light makeshift jacket.
AccessoriesThis raccoon loves her piercings! She has her snakebites, labret, industrial, tongue and eyebrow pierced, as well as having standard piercings in her lobes. She wears glasses, since her sight isn't perfect, and also loves her choker that was bought for her as a gift by her man.
WeaponryKitty's standby is her C9, a 9mm handgun. She also has a .40 Carbine, a Mossberg tactical shotgun, and her AR-15. She was raised as a gun enthusiast, and enjoys sport shooting. The shotgun is used only for home protection.
Special AbilitiesKitty's special abilities? Well, she's fiesty, and has an almost radar like aim, which she uses for sport shooting, as well as aiming for her boyfriend when he's around and she's ready to pounce! She also has a tendency toward shiny things, so if you ever lose a ring or your keys, you should definitely ask for her help!

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe's a very happy person, but prone to brooding occasionally. She feels that life should be lived in the now, so she can be a bit impulsive, but usually makes wise decisions. Once you're friends with her, you have a lifelong ally, but if you cross anyone she loves, you should watch out. She's fiercely protective of anyone she holds dear.
BackgroundKitty was adopted when she was 6 months old by a loving couple. She knows nothing of her biological family. Her adoptive mother is a panther, her adoptive father, a ferret. She was raised in a very open household, taught from a young age to question everything and always encouraged to read. Unfortunately, this openness led to her falling into a bad crowd when she was a teen. She got very heavy into drugs, and ended up going to rehab. She finally got herself straightened out after 2 years in this bad scene. However, there was a lot that happened to her during this period that she won't talk about.
LikesAny types of music other than most pop music, her guns, sport shooting,wandering through the woods with her boyfriend, pouncing, shinees, reading about anything and everything, computers, writing, and coffee. Lots and lots of anything caffeinated.
DislikesMean people, thunderstorms when she's alone, the sound of nails on the chalkboard, pineapples and coconuts, when people insist on bringing her mood down, her bad moods she gets in, and diet soda.
LocationRight now she lives in Pennsylvania in the middle of the state, and is looking to move nearer to her boyfriend in the future.
OccupationUnemployed, but working toward becoming a photographer.
Additional InfoKitty is dating Cel, her wolfy protector :3 They've been together over a year. He's in the military. She comes from a military family, and almost made it into the military as well. She is a bit strange, as she believes in the supernatural, and is honestly concerned with zombies.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteIn the bigger scheme of things, does it really matter? If not, let it go.