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Vital Statistics!

Character NameFender
HeightNormally 188 feet
SummaryBefore you stands a huge hunk of fairly well-muscled human who seems like he walked right off the beach. In fact, this surfer boy - Soren "Fender" Noah - probably just walked right from a local beach town here. If you're looking ahead, you're probably bound to see what's in front of you. Giant toes wiggle in leather-bound flip-flops. Yeah, they're damn big. Each digit's big enough to simply flatten a small car. They wiggle and shift and move effortlessly in those well-worn sandals. As your eyes trail up, you'll catch the hem of some baggy jeans, covering the length of those long, athletic legs. Those legs certainly have some bulk to them as he shifts his balance on those bus-sized feet. You continue up, seeing those jeans cover his somewhat shapely hips, bulge and rear. His fleshy fingers hooked into his beltloops, a tan cloth belt barely holding up the immense amount of cloth as gray and black boxers barely peek out from the sagging top. However, once you reach his torso and arms, he seems to leave far less to the imagination. Thick forearms rise up from those large hands, his upper arms well-toned from a seeming healthy diet and large amounts of exercise. His biceps and triceps have a good deal of definition, though it seems a majority of the bulk is hidden behind a rather snug white tank top. His chest bulges out, stretching the straps over his body, held out proudly with his wide, expansive, muscled shoulders filling out a great deal of the male's torso. Of course, lower down, you can assume a taut abdomen lies behind the cotton fabric, given the rest of his physique. Higher up, you'll finally reach those bright blue eyes. Those handsome, deep pools are staring back at you. Obviously, the human seems to be quite fond of the attention. A hand reaches up, his fingers combing through that messy medium-length dark brown/black hair, curled a little over his ears. In fact, that left ear has some sort of piercing in its lobe. It seems to be some black metal, curled into 3/4s of a circle with large spikes on either side. His lips are perpetually curled in some sort of playful grin over that smooth-shaven face, though it's tough to say if it means if you're in any sort of danger. His hand reaches back down, fingers teasing over his waistband. Those vast toes curl again as his eyes hone in on you. This surfer boy seems to have some secrets about him. It seems quite unnatural a human would be this large. Maybe you're brave enough to inquire?

Personality & Background

OccupationSurfer/aquatic master
Additional InfoPart two of the image above: http://d.facdn.net/art/sheela/1300027662.sheela_sexysurferguy2nologo.jpg