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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRyan Mauricio Finch
SpeciesHouse Cat
Height17 feet 3 inches
Weight2.12 tons
SummaryFinch (he prefers to go by his last name) is a fairly quiet, somewhat shy feline with a taste for baroque classical music, hot tea, and quiet conversation. Unfortunately due to his occupation as a "municipal maintenance macro" for the city in which he lives in he tends to get rap music, cold coffee, and yelling instead. Although he appears very self-contained and inward, he does really enjoy the company of others once he gets to know you and vice versa. Unless of course you happen to be criminally insane or an old Slovenian woman who won't shut up about her grandkids. (unless of course you're offering scones or cookies. Then go right on yammering about your family)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShort, mostly black. White patch around nose, neck, and underside of jaw
Hair ColourBlack, short, slightly wavy
Eye ColourYellow-green
ClothingVaries on situation. Work: heavy jeans, loose-fitting gray, brown, or blue long-sleeve shirts, high-visibility vest, clip on ID badge Casual: More or less the same minus the ID badge and high-visibility vest
Outstanding FeaturesHe's just over 17 feet tall. That should count for something!

Personality & Background

PersonalitySomewhat reserved, but he does enjoy talking with people. Calm and collected usually, somewhat sarcastic.
BackgroundFinch was born and raised in LA as the younger of two children. He started going by his last name since kindergarten when the other children would call him Finch to make fun of him being a cat and having a species of bird as his last name, and it stuck ever since; much to his dismay through most of childhood. His family life was fairly drama-free save the occasional parental argument and sibling rivalry with his older sister. Finch did not show any signs of being a macro until about the 6th grade. By the end of that year of school he was close to seven and a half feet tall. By the time he was in high school he was over ten feet tall, and didn't stop steadily growing until his third year of college. Knowing all too well the bad reputation macros had, Finch decided rather than move to Chicago he'd stay in Cody Wyoming where he'd already built up a decent reputation. In return for a "house" that he could fit in, giant-sized clothing, and enough food for someone roughly three times the size of the average person, the city employed him as "municipal maintenance macro", which meant doing anything from tree trimming to repairing roads damaged by much less... careful macros. Due to being much larger than the average person but also much smaller than the average macro, Finch doesn't really have much of a social life beyond the old woman down the street talking to him about her grandkids and or childhood in Slovenia every time he goes over to get her cat out of the tree in her front yard: which occurs at least once a week. As far as stereostypical macro traits go, Finch has none. He's got no magic powers, so super-senses, no special skills, only somewhat fit, isn't terribly cuddly, has no sense of superiority, doesn't refer to normal people as "micros" or "tinies", has never stepped on anyone's car, and gets no enjoyment out of destroying buildings for no apparent reason. In fact, due to his stature he feels as if he has an even greater responsibility to be a good(ish) person.
LikesBaroque classical music, smooth jazz, soft rock, scones, any kind of cheese except Parmesan, hot tea, quiet conversations, temperatures in the mid 50's with partly cloudy skies, early morning jogs, taking long walks, naps, not being in a hurry, street art, bird-watching, gardening, loafing, people who aren't jerks, the way a new can of tennis balls smell, the smell of freshly baked bread, listening to baseball games on the radio, collecting stamps, reading, and not having to buy groceries, musicals, mice (he thinks they're cute!), and tofu.
DislikesLoud music, especially rap, electronic, and country, Parmesan cheese, coffee, most alcoholic beverages, heavy construction equipment, yelling, loud noises, obnoxious people on their cellphones, hot weather, being rushed, that old lady down the street from Slovenia who keeps asking him to do things, his boss, nearly every other macro he's ever met, neon-colored clothing, deciduous trees, low bridges, streetlights, stoplights, low-hanging phone or electrical lines, jokes about his size, and being a giant
LocationNorthern Wyoming
OccupationMunicipal Maintenance Macro